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26 Aug - 24 Sep 2003


"Over-the-horizon forces" train in the Balkans

KFOR operation
SFOR operation
27/08/03 - KFOR
NATO, Partners start Dynamic Response
19/08/03 - AFSOUTH
DYNAMIC RESPONSE 2003: NATO Reserve Forces rehearse in Bosnia, Kosovo
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NATO Reserve Forces are currently participating in an operational rehearsal nick-named Dynamic Response 2003. It started in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo on 26 August and will last until 24 September.

This annual event trains NATO forces in augmenting troops already present on the ground with so-called "Over-the-horizon forces", at short notice. It is of key importance since Reserve Forces often form part of the troop contributions from member and partner countries.

Contrary to a military exercise, during an operational rehearsal, forces train in actual duties. Units have been arriving by air and by land routes to be integrated into the command and control structures of SFOR and KFOR to perform various tasks, for instance manning checkpoints or conducting routine patrols. These peace-support operations will help them to practice operational concepts and familiarise themselves with the terrain and the environment.

Both NATO and partner countries have deployed Reserve Forces headquarters and troops for this event. There are three components to this reserve concept: the tactical reserve forces of SFOR and KFOR, which are highly mobile and rapid, the Operational Reserve Force (ORF) and the Strategic Reserve Force (SRF). Both the ORF and the SRF are capable of contributing up to 6 500 mission-ready troops that can deploy at short notice.

This operational rehearsal is coordinated by the Commander-in-Chief Allied Forces Southern Europe and the units are controlled by the multinational NATO headquarters in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo.