Updated: 17-Oct-2001 Week of 1-7 October 2001

1 Oct. 2001
Lord Robertson discusses key issues with Germany

Lord Robertson met with German government officials in Berlin on 1 October to discuss a number of key issues, including German support following the 11 September terrorist attacks, Germany's lead role within Task Force Amber Fox in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (1) and NATO-Russia relations.

1 Oct. 2001
Exercise Exchange Adventure 2001

One of the largest NATO exercises to be held in Southern Europe is taking place, 1-25 October. Exercise Exchange Adventure 2001 is taking place in North-West Turkey, where high readiness forces, and more specifically, NATO's Immediate Reaction Task Force (Land) have been deployed and are training.

2 Oct. 2001
Invocation of Article 5 confirmed

Frank Taylor, the US Ambassador at Large and Co-ordinator for Counter-terrorism briefed the North Atlantic Council - NATO's top decision-making body- on 2 October on the results of investigations into the 11 September terrorist attacks against the United States. As a result of the information he provided to the Council, it has been clearly determined that the individuals who carried out the attacks belonged to the world-wide terrorist network of Al-Qaida, headed by Osama bin Laden and protected by the Taleban regime in Afghanistan.

2 Oct. 2001
President Kwasniewski at NATO HQ

The President of Poland, Aleksander Kwasniewski, met with Lord Robertson on 2 October, the day NATO took the historic decision to fully invoke Article 5 of the Washington Treaty in response to the terrorist attacks against the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon, 11 September.

3 Oct. 2001
President Putin meets Lord Robertson in Brussels

On his first trip to Brussels, President Putin of Russia met with NATO Secretary General Lord Robertson at the Palais d'Egmont on 3 October.

3 Oct. 2001
Change of command for KFOR

Lt. Gen. Marcel M. Valentin of France assumed command of the NATO-led peacekeeping force in Kosovo on 3 October. He is succeeding to Lt. Gen. Thorstein Skiaker of Norway, who had held the position since 6 April 2001.

3-6 Oct. 2001
ATA Annual Assembly in Bled, Slovenia
The annual assembly of the Atlantic Treaty Association (ATA) took place in Bled, Slovenia between 3 and 6 October, and was addressed by, among others, Slovene President Milan Kucan and NATO Deputy Secretary General Alessandro Minuto Rizzo.
4 Oct. 2001
Statement by Lord Robertson on implementation of Article 5 following terrorist attacks against US
Following its decision to invoke Article 5 of the Washington Treaty in the wake of the 11 September attacks against the United States, the NATO Allies agreed today -- at the request of the United States -- to take eight measures, individually and collectively, to expand the options available in the campaign against terrorism.
4-5 Oct. 2001
New democracies and Euro-Atlantic security
A Summit on the Contribution of New Democracies to Euro-Atlantic Security was held in the Bulgarian capital Sofia from 4 to 5 October. Representatives from the "Vilnius Group" discussed new threats to global security following the terrorist attacks against the United States. The Vilnius Group includes Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (1) - all of which are actively seeking membership of NATO, except for Croatia.
4 Oct. 2001
One year before the Prague Summit
"NATO's new agenda: one year before the Summit" was the theme of an international conference organised in Sofia on 4 and 6 October, on the occasion of the Summit on the Contribution of New Democracies to Euro-Atlantic Security which was held in the Bulgarian capital the next day. The main topics of discussion were NATO enlargement, NATO's role in the Balkans, NATO-EU cooperation and more generally, security and stability in Europe in the 21st century. A roundtable on "NATO vs global terrorism" was also organised.
5 Oct. 2001
Exercise Destined Glory 2001 curtailed
An annual maritime, air and amphibious exercise called "Exercise Destined Glory 2001", which started on 5 October, has been cut short. The naval assets being used to train NATO high readiness forces have been re-assigned to the Eastern Mediterranean in support of Article 5 operations.
  1. Turkey recognises the Republic of Macedonia with its constitutional name.