Updated: 05-Oct-2001 Week of 1-7 October 2001

1 Oct. 2001

Lord Robertson discusses key issues
with Germany

Lord Robertson met with German government officials in Berlin on 1 October to discuss a number of key issues, including German support following the 11 September terrorist attacks, Germany's lead role within Task Force Amber Fox in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (1) and NATO-Russia relations.

Lord Robertson met with Minister of Defence Rudolf Scharping, the CDU Chairman, Dr Angela Merkel, and with Minister of Foreign Affairs, Joschka Fischer, who assured Lord Robertson that Germany would provide all appropriate levels of support to the United States, be it political, diplomatic or military. Germany's role as lead-nation in the implementation of NATO's second mission in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (1) called Task Force Amber Fox was also discussed, as well as NATO-Russia relations and the three-day visit of President Putin to Germany.

While in the German capital, Lord Robertson was also invited to give the keynote address at a high-level conference on "The Bundeswehr and Society - Security for Europe in a world of insecurity", organised by the Welt am Sonntag. In his speech entitled "Does NATO meet the challenge?", Lord Robertson lifted doubts on NATO's ability to face the challenge of terrorism in addition to its three crisis management operations in the Balkans, its efforts to develop relations with Russia and many other partners and the need to modernise the forces of NATO member countries.

Lord Robertson gave his keynote address at the end of the first day, which had focused on US strategy after 11 September, Russia: new challenges and new coalitions, China's stake in the world order, Asia's shifting balances and the military implications of European security. The conference continued on the 2 October, focusing mainly on the Bundeswehr, French perspectives on European defence, and Turkey and European security interests.

Additional information:
  • NATO Speech: "Is NATO up to the Challenge?" - Secretary General's Speech at the "Welt am Sonntag Forum", Berlin, Germany - 1 October 2001
  1. Turkey recognises the Republic of Macedonia with its constitutional name.