Updated: 10-Oct-2001 Week of 1-7 October 2001

3 Oct 2001

Change of command for KFOR

Lt. Gen. Marcel M. Valentin of France (photo) assumed command of the NATO-led peacekeeping force in Kosovo on 3 October. He is succeeding to Lt. Gen. Thorstein Skiaker of Norway, who had held the position since 6 April 2001.

The hand-over ceremony took place at KFOR HQ in Pristina, Kosovo, and was attended by His Majesty King Harald V of Norway and AFSOUTH Commander Admiral Ellis. Lt. Gen. Valentin's last assignment was in Lille, France, as one of the deputies of the Commanding General of the Land Forces Command. He will hold the post of COMKFOR for one year, the six-month rotational system having been extended as part of the reorganisation of the KFOR structure.

The former KFOR commanders were:

  • Lt. Gen. Cabigiosu of Italy (October 2000-April 2001);
  • General Ortuño of Spain (April-October 2000),
  • General Reinhardt of Germany (October 1999-April 2000); and
  • Lt. Gen. Jackson of the United Kingdom (April-October 1999).
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