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The Istanbul Summit Media Guide

This Istanbul Summit Media Guide has been prepared as a quick reference tool featuring key topics on NATO’s agenda.

For users to be able to absorb the information rapidly, each theme starts with an explanation of the most salient issues relevant to the subject. This is followed by an overview of decisions taken at recent summit and ministerial meetings and a detailed chronology tracing all the steps in the evolution of the issue at hand. For more in-depth information, a carefully selected list of official documents and background reading has been given through web links. This is complemented, when appropriate, by additional facts and figures, depending on the nature of the subject.

Figures provided in the PDF files were last updated on 25 June.

Table of contents
Outline of the Istanbul Summit and previous summit meetings (PDF/46kb)
NATO in the Balkans (PDF/86kb)
NATO in Afghanistan (PDF/86kb)
NATO and Iraq (PDF/58kb)
Action against terrorism (PDF/84kb)
Capabilities (PDF/113kb)
The NATO-EU strategic partnership (PDF/93kb)
The Enlargement of the Alliance (PDF/78kb)
NATO's Partnerships (PDF/424kb)
NATO-Russia relations (PDF/410kb)
NATO and Ukraine (PDF/408kb)
The Mediterranean Dialogue (PDF/407kb)


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