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Frequently Asked Questions

What is NATO HQ CFB Online?

NATO HQ CFB Online allows potential suppliers to access information about calls for bids (CFBs) issued by the NATO International Staff to procure goods and services for its operational needs.

How can I benefit from NATO HQ CFB Online?

NATO HQ CFB Online provides easy and free access to business opportunities. You may access and download call for bids solicitation documents.

Is there any restriction on the nationality of suppliers?

Companies wishing to be considered as NATO HQ suppliers must be established in NATO member countries.

In which languages are NATO HQ Calls For Bids published?

Information about every procurement is published in either English or French, NATO's two official languages, except in the case of International Calls for Bids (ICBs), where it is published in both NATO official languages.

In which languages should bids be submitted?

Bids by companies must be in one of NATO's two official languages, i.e. English or French.

How can I find out more regarding a particular Call For Bids?

For details concerning a particular Call For Bids, please click on the link provided in the column “Title of CFB”.

How much does it cost to access NATO HQ CFB Online?

Use of NATO HQ CFB Online is absolutely free.

How do I contact the NATO International Staff Procurement Service?

You can contact us by e-mail:

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