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The Virtual Silk Highway Project

4. Working together for results

The SILK Network will serve as a positive and constructive tool for the scientists and researchers of eight NATO Partner countries to share information and exchange ideas between themselves and their peers around the world.
  1. Introduction
  2. The problem defined
 3. Project Overview
 4. Working together for results
 5. Project Expansion
 6. The NATO Science Programme
 7. One Minute Interview
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The SILK Project is the largest project so far to be sponsored by the NATO Science Committee. It is a threeyear project worth US$2.5 million - an equivalent of 40 per cent of the computer networking budget. This investment reflects the value attributed to the development of information technology knowledge and skills in the academic communities of the eight Partner countries.

The SILK Project is expected to yield several positive outcomes. By equipping highly-educated scientists, researchers and academics with access to an effective and valuable educational tool, they have greater access to information. This is not only the key component for success in science in the 21st century, but also of open and democratic societies. In addition, the SILK Project will lead to improvements in education and help close the gap between information-rich and information-poor societies. It also requires all eight participating countries to cooperate closely together and therefore contributes to enhancing peace and security in the region.


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