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26 Jan

Spain resumes negotiations with its NATO partners on the future role of Spanish forces with the Alliance.

17 Febr

Talks open in Vienna between NATO and Warsaw Treaty countries on a mandate for negotiations on conventional forces in Europe from the Atlantic to the Urals.

27 March

NATO Secretary General Lord Carrington, following an emergency meeting of the North Atlantic Council, offers to use his good offices to help to resolve the dispute in the Aegean between Greece and Turkey.

4 June

The parliament of the Federal Republic of Germany formally endorses a proposal calling for the elimination of intermediate-range (INF) and shorter-range (SRINF) missiles in Europe.

5 June

The Canadian Government announces its decision to redirect its commitment to the reinforcement of Europe from the Northern to the Central Region.

19 June

Chancellor of the Federal Republic Helmut Kohl proposes the formation of a joint Franco-German brigade as the first step towards a joint European fighting force.

22 July

Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev announces Soviet readiness to eliminate all intermediate-range nuclear weapons including those deployed in the 1987 Asian part of the Soviet Union in the context of a United States-Soviet INF treaty.

23 July

Soviet negotiators present a proposal at the United States-Soviet Geneve arms control negotiations accepting the principle of a "double-zero option" eliminating Soviet and US land-based intermediate range (LRINF and SRINF) missiles on a global basis.

20 Aug

Western European Union experts meeting in The Hague consider joint action in the Gulf to ensure freedom of navigation in the oil shipping lanes of the region.

28-30 Aug

United States inspectors attend military manoeuvres near Minsk, the first such inspection to take place under the provisions of the September 1986 Stockholm Document.

5-7 Oct

Soviet inspectors attend NATO exercises in Turkey, the first such inspection to take place in an Alliance country under the provisions of the September 1986 Stockholm Document.

27 Oct

Foreign and Defence Ministers of the seven member countries of the Western European Union adopt "The Hague Platform on European Security Interests."

25 Nov

Presentation of NATO's annual Atlantic Award to Pierre Hamel (Belgium), author of the 1967 Harmel Report.

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8 Dec

US President Reagan and Soviet Leader Mikhail Gorbachev, meeting at the beginning of their three-day summit talks, sign the Washington Treaty on Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces (INF), eliminating on a global basis land-based intermediate-range nuclear missiles.

9 Dec

The United States and the Soviet Union reach agreement on measures allowing the monitoring of nuclear explosions at each other's test sites.

10 Dec

At the end of their 3-day summit meeting in Washington, US President Reagan and Soviet Leader Mikhail Gorbachev pledge deep cuts in strategic arms and instruct negotiators in Geneva to draft an agreement in line with the 1972 ABM Treaty.

11 Dec

The North Atlantic Council marks the 20th anniversary of the Harmel report. The Secretary of State of the United States and the Foreign Ministers of Belgium, Federal Republic of Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom sign bilateral agreements relating to the implementation of the INF Treaty and its on-site inspection and verification procedures.

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