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21-22 Jan

At the meeting of the Nuclear Planning Group (NPG) in Hamburg, NATO Defence Ministers discuss the continuing increase in Soviet strategic nuclear capabilities and review prospects for stabilisation through SALT.

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2 Febr

Establishment of the Independent European Programme Group with the participation of all European member countries of NATO to provide cooperation in the research, development and production of equipment.

20-21 May

At the North Atlantic Council in Oslo, Foreign Ministers review East-West relations and progress towards implementation of Final Act of CSCE and discuss prospects for MBFR.

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7-10 Dec

Ministers of the Defence Planning Committee express concern at the relentless growth in the Warsaw Treaty's military strength, review national force contributions and agree to the need for further strengthening of NATO conventional defences.

The North Atlantic Council rejects proposals by Warsaw Treaty countries to renounce first use of nuclear weapons and to restrict Alliance membership and calls for all CSCE states to renounce the threat or use of force including all types of weapons in accordance with the UN Charter and Helsinki Final Act.

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