Updated: 28-Nov-2006 August 2005

1 August 2005

NATO’s first Transformation Commander bids farewell

On 1 August, a ceremony aboard the US aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt marked the departure of the Alliance’s first Supreme Allied Commander Transformation, Admiral Edmund P. Giambastiani.
3 August 2005
1,300 African Union peacekeepers airlifted to Darfur
In July, NATO has airlifted over 2,000 additional African Union peacekeepers into Darfur, helping the Union boost its presence on the ground in a concerted effort to end mass killings and rape in the region.
7 August 2005
NATO exercise helps Russian rescue
Photo: UK MoD
The United Kingdom team that helped rescue seven Russian sailors from a stricken submarine on 7 August said a recent NATO exercise had provided valuable practice for the operation.
7 August 2005
First NATO airlift of civilian police into Darfur
On 7 August, NATO airlifted a team of 49 African Union civilian police as well as an additional 533 military peacekeepers into Darfur.
8 August 2005
French jets boost ISAF capabilities
The capabilities of the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) in Afghanistan were further boosted with the arrival of eight aircraft from the French Air Force on 8 August.
8 August 2005
Donated NATO bridges up in Indonesia
A ceremony held on 8 August in Banda Aceh, marked the opening of the first of four bridges donated by NATO to Tsunami-hit Indonesia.
11 August 2005
Alliance diversifies support to African Union
NATO’s continuing support to the African Union’s peacekeeping mission in Darfur has become more diverse as NATO offers capacity building training as well as logistical support to the African Union.
16 August 2005
Statement by Secretary General on Spanish helicopter crash near Herat, Afghanistan
With great regret and sorrow, I offer my deepest condolences to the Spanish people and Government on behalf of the Alliance as we mourn the loss of Spanish military personnel who died today in a tragic helicopter crash near the city of Herat in Afghanistan.
16 August 2005
NATO AWACS help guard skies over World Youth Day
On the request of German authorities, the Alliances has deployed its special surveillance aircraft, AWACS, to help guard the Pope's visit to the World Youth Day in Cologne, 20-21 August.
17 August 2005
1.3 million landmines to be destroyed in Serbia and Montenegro
A special facility where 1.3 million landmines will be destroyed under a NATO Trust Fund project was opened on 17 August in Kragujevac, Serbia and Montenegro.
24 August 2005
NATO and partners exercise joint air operations
22 NATO and partner countries are practicing conducting join air operations in exercise Cooperative Key 2005, Bulgaria, 24 August – 5 September.
28 August 2005
Large rocket cache seized in Afghanistan
Acting on intelligence information, troops from the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF), secured on 28 August a large cache of rockets hidden in Kabul.
30 August 2005
Operation Deliberate Force: Ten years on
Early in the morning of 30 August 1995 NATO aircraft launched a series of precision strikes against selected targets in Serb-held Bosnia and Herzegovina.