Updated: 25-Aug-2005 NATO Update

17 August 2005

1.3 million landmines to be destroyed in Serbia and Montenegro

Partnership for Peace Trust Fund
Photos from the opening

A special facility where 1.3 million landmines will be destroyed under a NATO Trust Fund project was opened on 17 August in Kragujevac, Serbia and Montenegro.

This the second NATO Trust Fund project to be carried out in Serbia and Montenegro and will help the country to meet its obligations under the international Mine Ban Treaty.

The project will see the safe destruction of over 1.3 million anti-personnel landmines currently stockpiled in 57 different locations in Serbia and Montenegro.

Eliminating weapons

The project will also enhance the capacity of Kragujevac plant to conduct other demilitarisation projects in the coming years.

Under NATO’s Partnership for Peace Trust Fund, NATO and partner countries help fund projects to assist Alliance partner countries in the safe destruction of stockpiled landmines, munitions and weapons.

To date, more than 2 million landmines, as well as thousands of tonnes of munitions and thousands of small arms have been safely eliminated under the programme.

Canada and Austria are the lead nations for the project. Funding is also provided by Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland.

NATO’s Supply and Maintenance Agency (NAMSA) is the executing agent for the project.

The opening ceremony was attended by representatives of Serbia and Montenegro, the donor countries and NAMSA, and it was followed by a tour of the destruction facilities.