Updated: 25-Aug-2005 NATO Update

10 June 2005
NATO and Russia move forward on interoperability
Defence Ministers Meeting
9-10 June 2005
Official texts
09/06/05 - NATO
Statement - Meeting of the NATO-Russia Council
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NATO's defence expenditures
NATO-Russia relations

Meeting in Brussels on 9 June, Ministers of Defence from the 26 NATO countries and Russia discussed defence reform and military co-operation, the fight against terrorism as well as international security.

The meeting of the NATO-Russia Council endorsed Political-Military Guidance towards Enhanced Interoperability between Forces of Russia and NATO Nations, which will facilitate the preparation of NATO and Russian forces for possible joint operations.

They also welcomed the completion of the first phase of a Feasibility Study of a Cooperative Airspace Initiative. When fully implemented, this Initiative will allow for a reciprocal exchange of civil and military air traffic data between NATO and Russia.

Aiming for joint operations

Russian Defence Minister Ivanov provided details on the 15 th Motorised Rifle Brigade, a Russian unit that has been selected and prepared for participation in international peacekeeping operations.

Ministers also reviewed joint co-operation in the fight against terrorism and discussed key political issues, including the situation in the Balkans, Iraq and the Darfur region of Sudan.

The issue of security and stability in Central Asia, including the recent tragic events in Uzbekistan, was also discussed.