Updated: 07-May-2003 April 2003

2 April 2003
NATO Secretary General welcomes resignation of Mirko Sarovic
I welcome today's decision by Mr Mirko Sarovic, to step down from the Bosnia Herzegovina Presidency. As the representative for Republika Srpska (RS), it was the only possible course of action he could take given his political responsibility for the export of illegal arms to Iraq by the RS-based company VZ Orao.
2 April 2003
NATO logistics support to Azerbaijan
Azerbaijan has started to set up the working procedures with NATO for assistance in the clearance of unexploded ordnance (UXO).
3 April 2003
Foreign Ministers discuss Iraq and transatlantic relations
Foreign Ministers from the 19 NATO countries met in Brussels on 3 April to consult on Iraq and transatlantic relations at a special session of the North Atlantic Council.
4-11 April 2003
Developing security cooperation in the Baltic region
The need for increased regional cooperation between the Baltic states and North-west Russia was the main theme of a conference held in Pskov from 4-7 April.
7 April 2003
NATOs civil-military cooperation capability enhanced
On 7 April six NATO countries signed an agreement formally establishing Civil-Military Cooperation (CIMIC) Group North, which will provide the Alliance with an essential civil-military cooperation capability.
10 April 2003
NATO decision-makers urge Bosnia to reform military
During a visit on 10 April, representatives of NATO’s 19 member countries and the Secretary General told Bosnia’s authorities military reform is a precondition for closer ties with the Alliance.
10 April 2003
NATO and Russian parliamentarians meet in St. Petersburg
NATO-Russia relations and the global security situation were the key topics discussed at a meeting of NATO and Russian parliamentarians held in St. Petersburg on 10-11 April.
11 April 2003
SFOR's detention of indicted war criminal Naser Oric
On 10 April, SFOR detained Naser Oric, who is under indictment for war crimes by the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia. Mr. Oric was detained in the vicinity of Tuzla in Bosnia and Herzegovina and has been transferred to The Hague. There were no casualties sustained in the course of this operation.
16 April 2003
Conclusion of Operation Display Deterrence and Article 4 security consultations
This morning, the North Atlantic Council (NAC) agreed to conclude its formal consultations on Turkey's security under Article 4 of the North Atlantic Treaty.
16 April 2003
Same name, same banner, same mission as NATO enhances ISAF role
NATO today decided to enhance its support to ISAF, the international peacekeeping mission in Afghanistan, by taking on the command, coordination and planning of the operation.
16 April 2003
Discussing economic reform in Ukraine
“Strengthening the Market Economy and the Formation of a Middle Class Society as a Precondition for Ukraine to become a NATO Member” was the theme of a Round-table that took place in the regional city of Kharkiv on 16 April.
22 April 2003
Assisting discharged military personnel in Russia
In an effort to expand its work beyond the borders of the Moscow region, the NATO-Russia Centre for the Retraining of Discharged Military Personnel recently opened three regional centres in St. Petersburg (8 April), Yaroslavl (21 March) and Chita (22 April).
22 April 2003
Examining the NATO-Ukraine relationship after Prague
A seminar for Ukrainian journalists on “Ukraine and NATO after the Prague Summit: New Dimensions for Partnership” took place on April 22-23 in the eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk.
27 April 2003
Destroying illegal arms
NATO-led peacekeepers in Kosovo and Bosnia and Herzegovina continue to uncover and secure illegal arms and munitions as part of their mandate to provide a safe and secure environment.
28-30 April 2003
Disaster response put to the test in Ferghana
Civil emergency teams from over 19 countries, both participants and observers, fought flooding, fires, and sifted through rubble to rescue victims during a NATO-led exercise held in the Ferghana Valley in Uzbekistan, 28-30 April 2003.
28 April 2003
NATO-Russia roundtable on recruitment
Under the auspices of the NATO-Russia Council, the Ad-Hoc Working Group on Defence Reform held a working-level roundtable on professional forces at NATO Headquarters on 28 April.
29 April 2003
NATO ships start boarding operations in Mediterranean
On 29 April 2003 NATO naval forces operating in the Mediterranean conducted the first boarding operation in support of the fight against terrorism. A second boarding was conducted on 30 April. The boarding operations have been initiated as part of the ongoing NATO Operation Active Endeavour.