Updated: 30-Apr-2003 April 2003

27 April 2003


Destroying illegal arms in the Balkans

NATO-led peacekeepers in Kosovo and Bosnia and Herzegovina continue to uncover and secure illegal arms and munitions as part of their mandate to provide a safe and secure environment.

In the past weeks, troops from the Kosovo Force (KFOR), working alongside United Nations police, secured a number of caches of illegal arms. Several thousand rounds of ammunitions were confiscated, as well as explosives, rifles, pistols and mines. In total, over 18,000 weapons have been seized and destroyed by KFOR since 2000.

NATO-led peacekeepers in Bosnia and Herzegovina, SFOR, have also secured a large cache of illegal weapons and ammunition during recent patrols, including rocket launchers, hand grenades, land mines, rifles, pistols and over 10,000 rounds of ammunition.

Unregistered weapons and munitions in the hands of the civilian population remain a threat to security in the region and their elimination continues to be a key priority.

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