Updated: 18-Feb-2005 April 2003

4-11 April 2003


Developing security cooperation in the Baltic region

The need for increased regional cooperation between the Baltic states and North-west Russia was the main theme of a conference held in Pskov from 4-7 April.

Entitled "Developing the security environment and cooperation across Russia's North-west", the conference was an opportunity for local officials, academics and representatives from the regional media and NATO to discuss ways of dealing with concerns in a number of areas in light of the potential future accession of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania to the Alliance in May 2004.

The areas of concern not only included the status of Kaliningrad, but also military and border issues, environmental hazards, illegal migration, international crime (including drug and people trafficking), the economic implications of EU enlargement, the development of energy export corridors and the prospects for increasing Western investment in Russian border regions.

Participants came from Russia, the Baltic states, Nordic countries, Belarus and Poland, as well as from NATO and local Embassies and Consulates. The conference was organised by the Center for Integration Research & Projects (CIRP), St Petersburg, and the Center for Trans-boundary Cooperation, in cooperation with NATO.

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