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September 1990

4 Sept

The nine member countries of the Western European Union agree on guidelines for the coordination of their naval operations in the Gulf region in order to reinforce the international embargo against Iraq. A number of WEU and other countries send forces to the area.

5-8 Sept

NATO Secretary General Manfred Woerner visits the Czech and Slovak Federal Republic for discussions with the President, Prime Minister and President of the Parliament.

Additional information:

  • NATO Speeches: "Building a new Europe" - Speech by NATO Secretary General, Manfred Wörner, at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech and Slovak Republic, Prague

  • High resolution photos of the visit to Chech & Slovak Republic by Secretary General Manfred Wrner
7 Sept

Consultations continue in the North Atlantic Council on political, military and economic developments in the Gulf in the framework of the harmonisation of allied policies and the commitment of the Allies to work for the application of United Nations resolutions in relation to the Gulf crisis.

10 Sept

The United States Secretary of State James Baker briefs a special meeting of the North Atlantic Council in Ministerial session on the outcome of the US-Soviet summit meeting on the Gulf crisis.

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12 Sept

In a statement issued on the occasion of the signing of the Two Plus Four Treaty in Moscow, the Alliance welcomes this historic agreement which paves the way for the unification of Germany and its return to full sovereignty.

13-15 Sept

NATO Secretary General Manfred Woerner on his first visit to Poland addresses the Sejm on the historic opportunities for creating a durable order of peace and prosperity in Europe based on cooperation and friendship.

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14 Sept

Initiation of Allied consultations in NATOs Special Consultative Group on future negotiations on short-range nuclear forces as called for in the London Declaration. In a statement condemning the forced entry by Iraqi soldiers into the residences of NATO embassies in Kuwait, the Alliance calls upon Iraq to free those seized and to refrain from further aggressive acts.

24 Sept-19 Oct

CSCE Meeting on the Mediterranean, Palma de Mallorca.