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Summit meetings
of Heads of State and Government

Strasbourg, France / Kehl, Germany
3-4 April 2009

Agenda outline

For the first time ever, a NATO summit is being jointly hosted by two member countries and by two - France and Germany – whose close partnership during the course of NATO’s history symbolizes a vision of a Europe whole and free.

Against the backdrop of NATO’s 60th anniversary, NATO leaders will focus on the broader and more strategic issues that face the Organization. And while reaffirming their commitment to the fundamental principles that define the Alliance, they will look to the future and consider the place of NATO within Euro-Atlantic security with a view to preparing a new Strategic Concept.

Because of its limited duration, the summit will concentrate on a restricted number of issues, which will have a profound and durable impact on NATO: the progress of NATO’s strategy for Afghanistan and the results of the strategy review undertaken by the new US Administration, relations with Russia, France’s closer involvement in the Alliance and its impact on NATO-EU relations, and finally initiating work on a new strategic concept for the Alliance.