NATO Bucharest Summit


NATO Exhibition
March, 12- April, 5, 2008, Bucharest

NATO's Public Diplomacy Division will bring an exhibition to Bucharest from mid-March until the end of the NATO Summit. The brand new exhibit uses video, photos, text, a touchscreen-driven interactive quiz, as well as free DVDs and publications to explain the Alliance and its roles. The displays will be accompanied by separate film projections about NATO. The exhibit will be open to the general public at the National History Museum in central Bucharest from mid- to end March. When it moves to the Summit venue in early April, a module will be added to spotlight the Alliance's role in defending against terrorism, targeted more expert audiences.

Port visit of NATO ship highlights NATO’s Operation Active Endeavour
25-27 March 2008, Romanian port city of Constanta

As part of NATO’s public diplomacy campaign in the run-up to the NATO Summit, the NATO Public Diplomacy Division, together with Maritime Component Command Naples and the Romanian government, organized a two-day media and public affairs event 25-27 March 2008 in the Romanian port city of Constanta.

Young Atlanticist Summit
2-4 April 2008, Bucharest

Young leaders from NATO and Partner countries shared their experiences and learned more about NATO’s current and future security challenges during the Young Atlanticist Summit held during the NATO Summit in Bucharest on 2-4 April. More...

Bucharest conference - 2008 Transatlantic forum
1-3 April , 2008, Bucharest

The Bucharest Conference is a high-level gathering of decision-makers, political leaders, opinion shapers, and academics to discuss the most pressing needs and interests of the NATO community. The Bucharest Conference, which follows the precedents of past NATO Summits, will take place simultaneously with the Bucharest NATO Summit and serves as the official public platform for the Summit.

The event is organized by The German Marshall Fund of the United States along with Chatham House and is supported by the 2008 NATO Summit Support Committee. The Bucharest Conference will take place at the Cercul Militar.

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