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Agenda outline

This will be NATO’s first summit “at 26” during which member countries will assess and take forward a large number of ongoing transformation processes.

Embracing transformation in a broad sense is enabling the Alliance to accomplish its strategic vision of implementing the full range of its missions and operations, and promoting stability where it is needed to defend security and democratic values.

NATO will take forward its operations and missions and, in particular, review progress in Afghanistan in light of the expansion of ISAF to the south, and later to the east of the country. It will also maintain a posture of vigileance in Kosovo and present its post-status role in the province. Other NATO operations and missions will also be reviewed.

Heads of state and government will focus on the upgrading of NATO’s military capabilities to ensure that they meet the challenges of today’s versatile security environment. Discussions will cover key elements of this transformation process such as the NATO Response Force, missile defence and other initiatives that are vital in adapting NATO’s military capabilities to new security threats. The Comprehensive Political Guidance will provide the framework for presenting the Alliance’s transformation at the military level.

Broadening and strengthening relations will also be at the top of the Summit agenda with announcements expected on future enlargement, the deepening of existing partnerships and the invitation of non-NATO, non-Partner countries to engage in cooperation with NATO through new programmes such as a potential NATO training initiative. Emphasis will also be put on reinforcing relations with other international organisations.