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14 Nov. 2006

Second Media Advisory

Summit Meetings of Heads of State and Government

Rīga, Latvia, 28-29 November 2006

The Road to Rīga

1. Information

Meetings of the North Atlantic Council (NAC) at Heads of State and Government level will be held in Rīga on 28-29 November 2006.

The meetings will take place in the “Olympic Sports Centre”, 6B Grostonas street, Rīga, Latvia.

The Media Centre will be located in the same building.

Tentative programme

Monday, 27 November
14:30 hours, Rīga City Council building:
Young Leaders Forum “Building Bridges for the Next Generation;
15:00 hours. Rīga airport:
C-17 aircraft demonstration of Allied Strategic Airlift Capability in the presence of the President of Latvia, the NATO Secretary General and senior NATO military officials.
16:45 hours. Press Theatre, Media Centre:
News conference by the President of Latvia;
19:00 hours. Small Guild House.
Opening Gala dinner of the Rīga Conference 2006 “Transforming NATO in a new Global Era” hosted by the Latvian President and organised by the Latvian Transatlantic Organisation, the Commission of Strategic Analysis and the German Marshall Fund.
Tuesday, 28 November
All day: Blackheads house:
Continuation of the Young Leaders Forum and of the Rīga conference; 10:45 hours. NATO Secretary General’s address to the Young Leaders Forum;
12:00 hours, Rīga Arena.
Inauguration of the NATO Summit Transformation Exhibition with the participation of the President of Latvia, the NATO Secretary General and senior NATO military officials;
PM, time to be decided: NATO Secretary General’s keynote address to the Rīga Conference;
18:00 hours, Media Centre.
Reception for accredited media representatives.
19:15 hours, Latvian National Opera.
Cultural programme Hosted by the President of Latvia for Heads of State and Government and/or Heads of Delegations.
20:15 hours, Latvian National Opera.
Working dinner of Heads of State and Government and/or Heads of Delegations.
20:15 hours, Rīga Latvian Society House.
Reception for Ministers, Ambassadors and other delegates.
Wednesday, 29 November
08:00-09:00 hours, Press Theatre, Media Centre.
Young Leaders Forum participants are addressed by some NATO Heads of State and Government and/or Heads of Delegations.
08:00-09:00 hours, Olympic Sports Centre.
Arrivals of NATO Heads of State and Government and/or Heads of Delegations in protocol order;
09:10 hours, Main conference room, Olympic Sports Centre.
Ceremony honouring military personnel for service in the operational theatres of the Alliance;
09:20 hours, Main conference room, Olympic Sports Centre.
Opening session of the North Atlantic Council meeting at the level of Heads of State and Government and/or Heads of Delegations;
09:30 hours PM, Blackheads house.
Continuation of the Rīga Conference and the Young Leaders Forum;
12:00 hours, Main conference room, Olympic Sports Centre.
End of the North Atlantic Council meeting at the level of Heads of State and Government and/or Heads of Delegations;
12:05 hours, Main conference room, Olympic Sports Centre.
The President of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly addresses Heads of State and Government and/or Heads of Delegations;
12:20 hours, Press Theatre, Media Centre.
NATO Secretary General’s closing news conference followed by other news conferences by Heads of State and Government and/or Heads of Delegations.
13:00 hours, Olympic Sports Centre.
Luncheon hosted by the President of Latvia for Heads of State and Government and/or Heads of Delegations.
Thursday, 30 November
  Rīga Arena: Rīga Summit Exhibition open all day.

The detailed media programme will be available upon accreditation as of 23 November.


The detailed media programme will include information on pools.

Pool cards will be distributed by officials from the respective participating nations who will receive their allocation of cards on 26 November.


The Media Accreditation Centre is located in Rīga Hanza Secondary school at the following address:

5 Grostonas street, Rīga, Latvia. It is situated in close proximity to the Media Centre.

Opening hours of the Media Accreditation Centre are:

Thursday, 23 November 10:00 - 18:00
Friday, 24 November 10:00 - 18:00
Saturday, 25 November 10:00 - 18:00
Sunday, 26 November 09:00 - 22:00
Monday, 27 November 09:00 - 24:00
Tuesday, 28 November 07:00 - 20:00
Wednesday, 29 November 07:00 - 12:00

Applications for accreditation can only be made electronically on-line, by clicking on the following link: https://my.hq.nato.int/jas

In order to complete your accreditation request, you need to provide a digital picture. Only a 3.5 x 4.5 cm passport-size photograph in JPEG format is accepted. Every applicant has to create a user name and password.

Applications for accreditation must be submitted to NATO not later than Wednesday, 22 November 2006.

Applications received after that date may not be processed.

Press passes will be available for collection at the Media Accreditation Office from 10:00 hours on Thursday, 23 November.

Press passes to be worn visibly will not be mailed to applicants. They may be collected personally at the Media Accreditation Office on presentation of an I.D. card or passport and a valid press card (or letter of accreditation from a recognized media organisation), which should be presented at any time upon request of security personnel. Media representatives are asked to bring a print-out of the confirmation for successfully having submitted their personal details for the on-line accreditation request.

All media representatives are informed that security personnel will examine and may test equipment and personal effects carried onto the site and are advised to arrive with sufficient time to clear the security checks.

Television and radio broadcasters, wire services and photo agencies with bulky equipment are particularly urged to move most of it into the Media Centre before 12:00 hours on Monday, 27 November 2006.


The Media Centre staffed by NATO and Latvian personnel is located within the premises of the Olympic Sports Centre.

Opening hours for the Media Centre are:

Sunday, 26 November 09:00 - 22:00 hours
Monday, 27 November 09:00 – End of operations
Tuesday, 28 November 08:00 – End of operations
Wednesday, 29 November 06:30 - 22:00 hours

The Media Centre is equipped with adequate workspace, communications, and transmission facilities. The entrance to the Media Centre is through the Media Accreditation Centre (Rīga Hanza Secondary School, 5 Grostonas street, Rīga, Latvia).

TELEVISION - Host Broadcaster

The Host TV Broadcaster for the Summit is Latvian Television (LTV). LTV will provide coverage of delegation arrivals, the opening session, official photographs, evening events, and main international news conferences.

A complete international broadcasting centre and master control, with stand-up positions inside and outside and an interview studio are available.

Eurovision will provide comprehensive broadcast facilities, including stand-up positions for live programme inserts, tape playout, editing and distribution of the pool audio and video signals in the un-equiped workspaces/TV editing rooms.

For Eurovision services, full specifications, Eurovision stand-up locations and rates, please visit www.eurovision.net or contact

Mr. Lance Newhart
Eurovision Operations

European Broadcasting Union (EBU)
Telephone : + 41 (0)22 717 28 40

Mobile : + 41 (0)79 200 87 94
Fax : + 41 (0)22 747 48 40

E-mail : newhart@eurovision.net

RADIO - Host Broadcaster

The Host Radio Broadcaster for the summit is European Broadcasting Union (EBU). EBU will install sound distribution points in the radio broadcast booths. EBU will provide signal and technical assistance. For EBU services, full specifications and rates, please contact:

Ms. Julia Lonicer
Radio News co-ordinator

European Broadcasting Union

Telephone : + 41 (0)22 717 26 07
Mobile : + 41 (0)79 230 15 08
Fax : + 41 (0)22 747 46 07

E-mail : Lonicer@ebu.ch

ISDN lines for radio transmissions will be available. ISDN lines will be in “Euro ISDN” standard. Please check if you need a proper adaptor to use Euro ISDN lines.


One television and two radio interview studios are located in the Media Centre.

For full specifications, rates and bookings please contact:


Mr. Harijs Lavkinaitis
Latvian Television

Telephone : +371 720 01 50
Mobile : +371 2 937 78 08
Fax : +371 720 08 08

E-mail : Harijs.Lavkinaitis@ltv.lv


Mr. Aivars Ginters

Latvian Radio

Telephone : +371 720 67 57,
Mobile : +371 2 935 53 84;

E-mail : ag@latvijasradio .lv


Uplink trucks will be given access to the Media Centre.

They will be allowed to enter the premises:

Sunday, 26 November 09:00 - 21:00
Monday, 27 November 09:00 - 21:00
Tuesday, 28 November 09:00 - 12:00

Please, note that there is a limited number of parking slots, therefore we advise you to book your parking slot in advance by contacting:

Mr. Gatis Olte

Co-ordinator on TV and Radio Technical Issues

Telephone : + 371 701 77 65
Mobile : + 371 2 610 46 59
Fax : + 371 701 77 98

E-mail : gatis.olte@mod.gov.lv


Voltage in Latvia is 220V, and plugs have two round pins. An adapter is needed for different voltages and plugs.


Local Area Network (LAN) Internet access is available in the media working zones at the Media Centre.

Laptop computers will need to be equipped with an RJ 45 plug in order to be able to connect to the LAN network.

Wireless internet access (Wi Fi) is also possible in most areas of the Media Centre.


The Latvian Authorities have entrusted travel agency Con-Ex Latvia Tours Group with the accommodation arrangements for the NATO Summit meetings in Rīga, Latvia. Media and representatives may make their hotel reservations via Con-Ex Latvia Tours Group.

In order to guarantee the best available accommodation opportunities for media representatives, Con-Ex Latvia Tours Group has made tentative block-bookings of hotel rooms in Rīga. A number of suitable hotels have been identified and rates have already been negotiated and will remain valid during the Rīga Summit period. (See Annex 1, Media Hotel List)

Media representatives are invited to inform Con-Ex Latvia Tours Group of their accommodation requirements by completing Media Hotel Booking Form. The information on press and media accommodation is available at www.Rigasummit.lv and www.latviatours.lv

In case of any questions related to accommodation in Rīga during the NATO Summit period please contact:

Ms. Marta Auzina
Telephone: +371 708 50 73
Fax: +371 782 00 20
E-mail: marta.auzina@con-ex.com
Web: http://www.latviatours.lv/


Monday, 27 November:

From 06:00 AM, the media shuttle bus service will leave from the main airport terminal entrance. It will operate between the Airport, the Accreditation Centre and the bus stops near media hotels in Rīga.

On Tuesday, 28 November and Wednesday, 29 November, the media shuttle bus service will operate from the Latvia Post building at the airport.

An internal airport shuttle will ferry passengers between the main airport terminal entrance and the Latvian Post building to connect to the media shuttle service.

1. Airport- Hotels- Airport

From 6:00 AM on Monday 27, November

Till 1:00 AM on Thursday 30, November

2. Airport-Media Accreditation Centre/Media Centre- Airport

From 6:00 AM on Monday 27, November

Till 1:00 AM on Thursday 30, November

3. Hotels- Media Accreditation Centre/Media Centre (24hours)- Hotels

From 6:00 AM on Monday 27, November

Till 11:00 PM on Wednesday 29, November

Special passport checking points for the summit media representatives are dedicated upon arrival at the Rīga International Airport.

Media are also advised for planning purposes that private vehicles (e.g., taxis) can come to the edge of the NATO Rīga Summit site and will require some walking to the media security check-point. Only the media shuttle bus service will have access to the parking place of the Accreditation Centre/Media Centre. In addition, the shuttle service will have priority on the streets and can be considered as the fastest means of transportation during the Summit in Rīga .


Visas are not required for NATO member countries except for ordinary passport holders from Turkey.

Visa requirements for all other countries.

Please check with the nearest Latvian Embassy, Consulate General or www.am.gov.lv regarding visa requirements.

More information regarding possibilities to get visa for media representatives coming from the countries where there is no Latvian Embassy or Consulate General is available on www.rigasummit.lv

Media representatives should apply for a visa only after submitting an application for accreditation to the NATO Rīga Summit. In order to avoid possible confusion, media representatives are asked to apply for a visa at least 3 – 4 days after submitting the accreditation application.


  • Ms. Ilze Rassa

Head of Press and Public Relations,
Summit Meeting Media Manager
Latvian Task Force

Tel : + 371 701 77 39; + 371 701 77 64
Mobile + 371 29 49 92 47
Fax : + 371 701 77 98

E-mail : ilze.rassa@mod.gov.lv
Web : www.Rigasummit.lv

  • Mr François Le Blévennec

NATO Media Co-ordinator
NATO Press and Media Section

Tel : +32 (0)2 707 50 38
Mobile : +32 (0) 475 47 02 25
Fax : +32 (0)2 707 50 57

E-mail :  leblevennec.francois@hq.nato.int

+32 (0)2 707 50 41
+32 (0)2 707 50 57
B-1110 Brussels/Bruxelles
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