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New NATO Headquarters
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New NATO Headquarters
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The New Headquarters Project Office (HQPO) is part of the Defence Investment Division. It is NATO’s principal project management entity, responsible to the Nations of the North Atlantic Alliance for the construction of a new NATO Headquarters. The HQPO provides an interface between the political oversight of the project, provided by the Nations, and day-to-day project management which will be provided by the Host Nation, Belgium.

The HQPO will oversee the design, construction and delivery of a new NATO Headquarters in Brussels; represent the interests of the users (Nations, NATO Staffs and Agencies); and oversee the move of all occupants of the present Headquarters to the new premises once they are complete.


The New Headquarters Project Office, through the Director, will :

- advise the Secretary General and other senior officials, through the Assistant Secretary General, Defence Investment (ASG-DI) on progress at all key stages of the project (design, construction, delivery and occupation);

- ensure that the project adheres to the critical path and that its realisation is both on schedule and within the overall budget;

- ensure that the guidelines (including resources) which are agreed by nations are observed in the detailed management of the project and that issues requiring strategic decisions are sent forward to nations in a timely manner;

- negotiate NATO’s direct interests with the users of the new Headquarters (Nations, Staffs and Agencies); the Host Nation and its Concept Design Team (CDT) and Construction Contractor(s) on possible changes to requirements and specifications and on the distribution of space and geographical location in the new NATO Headquarters;

- through it's ICT PMO, coordinate the efforts of the Host Nations integrating the Information, Communication and Technologies aspects of the new Headquarters Project into the overall project;

- lead and manage a team of NATO personnel, reinforced by the services of external technical consultants, as and when required;

- keep the user community and nations informed on the progress of the project through the use of modern communication means.


The HQPO has a core staffing of 13 people. This is split between executive, administrative and technical functions. This staffing may be adjusted based on the needs of the project, through consultation or reinforcement as needed to ensure proper management of the project.


The HQPO has many essential inter-relationships :

within the NATO Staff:

- though part of Defense Investment Division, the HQPO also works closely with other Staff elements, in particular Executive Management Division, including Human and Financial Resources; Construction & General Services and Financial Control;

- through ASG-DI, the HQPO also works closely with the Private Office (when wider political guidance is required);

- the New HQ project will impact on the whole NATO population. As design elements are refined, increased contact will be essential with all IS and IMS Divisions as well as National Delegations and Agency occupants of the new Headquarters;

- the HQPO will also foster a proactive working relationship with the International Board of Auditors for NATO (IBAN), which audits the development of the project at all stages.

with Nations:

- the HQPO maintains a daily, detailed interface with the Host Nation of Belgium, which through its Project Management Team (PMT) will conduct the ongoing management of the project, including Design and Construction contracts.

- through its ICT PMO - maintain daily detailed interface with the ICT Host Nations Project Management Teams who conduct the ongoing design and implementation of ICT projects within the overall HQ project;

- the HQPO keeps nations fully advised of progress, and seeks approval of nations for project requirements and resources through the Deputy Permanent Representatives New Headquarters Board (DPRHQB). The Board serves as the nations' oversight body for the project, as well as coordinating resource issues through the Civil Budget Committee (CBC) and the North Atlantic Council.