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NATO Countries Relations Section is the section, in NATO's Public Diplomacy Division, in charge of running information programmes in NATO member countries. These programmes include visits by opinion formers, politicians, academics and NGOs to NATO Headquarters and also the sponsoring of conferences and seminars. These information tools are meant to reach out to audiences in NATO countries so that they can be made aware of NATO's main policies. In addition, they are also aimed at increasing the level of debate and promote thinking on security and defence related issues.

Ideal destinatories for these grants are NGOs, universities, think tanks, and other pertinent civil society organisations. Through the sponsoring of conferences and seminars, the NATO Countries Relations Section also has the possibility of sending out, to nations, officials who can explain and brief these audiences.

Sponsorship will be based on the quality of programmes. The forms on this page contain information which has to be completed by the organiser when requesting a grant. They should be sent to the relevant Information Officer who will handle the request.

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