Updated: 27-Aug-2001 1946

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Meanwhile, Europe is facing severe difficulties as a result of the war. Fifteen million lives have been lost, many cities and towns lie in ruins, the European economies are devastated, and political systems badly damaged. Imports of essential equipment are restricted by depleted gold and dollar reserves, and the people are further demoralised by food shortages and inflation. Great efforts are made to overcome these problems but these gains are set back by the severe winter of 1946-47.

In spite of US aid, Europe appears on the verge of economic collapse. In France and Italy, the deteriorating situation begins to undermine governmental authority, widespread poverty in Germany fosters popular discontent, while Britain is obliged to suspend aid and military assistance to Greece and Turkey which are striving to ward off Communist take-overs.


5 Mar

Winston Churchills "Iron Curtain" speech at Fulton, Missouri.

Additional information:
  • "The Sinews of Peace" - Speech by Winston S. Churchill, Westminster College, Fulton, Missouri.