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16 Sep. 2008

North Atlantic Council in Georgia

On the second day of the visit to Georgia, the Permanent Representatives of the North Atlantic Council and the NATO Secretary General held a meeting with members of the Georgian Parliament and discussed Georgia's progress in democratic reforms and Euro-Atlantic aspirations.

During the meeting, the NATO Secretary General and Permanent Representatives expressed the Alliance's strong support for Georgia's efforts towards democratic reform and Euro-Atlantic integration.

The North Atlantic Council also met with regional office representatives of the European Union, the OSCE and the United Nations and talked about the efforts of the international community in order to assist Georgia in the aftermath of the conflict in August.

In Tbilisi, the Secretary General and Permanent Representatives also visited local NGOs and met with representatives of civil society.

Later, the Secretary General addressed students at the Tbilisi State University. "The way ahead for Georgia - for its security and increased engagement with its Western partners - is to push ahead with reform and to improve further democratic institutions and practices", said the Secretary General.