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15 Sept. 2008

North Atlantic Council arrives in Georgia

The NATO Secretary General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer and the Permanent Representatives of the North Atlantic Council arrived in Tbilisi for a two-day visit in the Georgian capital.

The North Atlantic Council began its visit with an exchange of views with President Saakashvili on Georgia's progress in conducting reforms in the framework of its partnership with NATO and on the current situation in the country, following the conflict in August. During the meeting, the Secretary General and Allies reiterated NATO’s support for Georgia's territorial integrity and Euro-Atlantic aspirations.

Earlier in the afternoon, the NATO Secretary General also had a bilateral meeting with the Georgian President. During the long-planned visit, the NATO Secretary General and Permanent Representatives will meet with high-level Georgian officials as well as with members of Parliament and representatives of civil society.

The visit takes place in the context of Georgia's Intensified Dialogue with NATO, that provides for an exchange of views at different levels on Georgia's membership aspirations and reform efforts in this regard.