22 May 2008

NATO Food and Agriculture Planning Committee meets with Mediterranean Dialogue countries

NATO’s Food and Agriculture Planning Committee (FAPC) will meet on Thursday 22 May at NATO Headquarters to share expertise and experience in the food, agriculture and water sector and ensure it serves NATO's civil and military needs to maximum effect.

This meeting will gather together representatives from NATO Allies and the seven Mediterranean Dialogue countries to discuss common threats and challenges, preparedness and consequence management and further practical cooperation. The FAPC is at the forefront of cooperation with NATO’s Mediterranean Dialogue countries.

Of particular interest are topics to be introduced by Algeria and Tunisia on water management, by Morocco on desertification and by Israel on avian influenza.  Such occasions provide opportunities to share information and exchange best practices. 

In the field of practical cooperation, a joint project between NATO’s Science for Peace programme and the FAPC in the field of food chain security will be addressed. Concerning disaster preparedness, greater cooperation by the Mediterranean Dialogue countries in the EADRCC’s training and exercise programme will be explored.

NATO’s activities in this area are closely coordinated with other international organizations, such as the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) which will attend the meeting and present on the current crisis surrounding rising food prices.