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Deadlines for grant applications

Applications may be submitted at any time. The next deadline is 1 July 2012. Applications received later than this date will be considered during the next evaluation cycle.

As applicants will be informed about the final decision on funding within a year following submission of the application, it is important for them to consider this when making a decision on the dates of their activity.

NATO helps Belarus and Ukraine cope with flood risks
29 Nov. 2011 - The Pripyat River Basin on the border between Belarus and Ukraine is prone to severe flooding, impacting local communities and economies. The basin includes the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone and one of the river’s tributaries provides a local nuclear power station with cooling water, so effective monitoring is essential.
NATO boosts energy solutions for the military
10 Nov 2011 - More than 200 energy experts from NATO, partner countries and the private sector gathered on 10 November 2011 in the Lithuanian capital Vilnius to discuss technologies for making the military less dependent on fossil fuel. The conference “Innovative Energy Solutions for Military Applications” focussed on measures to increase the effectiveness and improve the security of future military missions, while reducing the military’s carbon footprint.
Preparing for tomorrow: cyber defence and the New Strategic Concept
10-11 Oct 2011 - Despite the launch of NATO’s New Strategic Concept in Lisbon, there remain many unanswered questions regarding the Alliance’s mission in cyberspace. Experts have attempted to decipher the position of cyber threats within the context of NATO’s grand strategic debate, both nationally and internationally. So where does the task of countering these threats fit among the Alliance’s core commitments? And what challenges do they present to security and defence policies?

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9-10 May 2011 Experts explore counter-terrorism strategies in diverse communities
3-4 June. 2010 ''Wounds of war'' – experts assess the impact of military combat
28 Apr. - 1 May 2011 Tackling the challenges faced by post-conflict communities
7-10 Apr. Experts discuss post-9/11 security in Afghanistan and Central Asia
31 Mar. NATO Science Programme highlights the human and national security dynamics of climate change
31 Mar. Strategies for food security in Central Asia
13 Feb. 2011 Experts examine the use of internet based tools in disease outbreak response
18 Feb. 2010 NATO sponsors new flood risk monitoring system in Ukraine and Belarus
18 Feb. 2010 Protecting the Gulf of Aqaba - Environmental concerns bring scientists together in NATO-sponsored project
14 Dec. 2010 NATO Science Programme helps start world’s first free university
21 Nov. 2010 Experts review environmental security issues
13 Oct. 2010 NATO Science Programme addresses environmental security in the Arctic Ocean
05 Oct. 2010 NATO helps integrate human and social dynamics into natural disaster response
23-26 Sep. 2010 NATO science programme examines origins, trends and methods of tackling suicide terrorism
6-12 Sep. 2010 NATO science programme examines dynamic approach to water management
20 Sep. 2010 NATO aims to find ways to predict, recognize and deter maritime piracy
15 Sep. 2010 NATO science programme identifies new techniques in dealing with effects of terrorism
03 Aug. 2010 NATO science programme aims to secure computer systems and networks
14 Jul. 2010 NATO seminar enhances treatment of trauma victims
06 Jun. 2010 NATO science workshop examines global climate change and local adaptation
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The Science for Peace and Security Programme offers grants to scientists in NATO, Partner and Mediterranean Dialogue countries to collaborate on priority research areas.

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