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6 April 2006


High-level NATO Mediterranean Dialogue event in Morocco

07/04/2006 - NATO
Deputy Secretary General's speaking notes at the Mediterranean Dialogue High-level Event in Rabat
NATO’s Mediterranean Dialogue
High resolution photos from the event

On 6-7 April 2006 under the Chairmanship of the Deputy Secretary General of NATO, the North Atlantic Council and the representatives of the seven Mediterranean Dialogue countries met in Rabat to discuss the state of their cooperation and its future prospects, during the first ever “26+7” political consultation meeting in a Mediterranean Dialogue country.

"As we continue to enhance the Mediterranean Dialogue process, greater practical cooperation should continue to go hand in hand with more intense political dialogue," said the NATO Deputy Secretary General, Ambassador Alessandro Minuto Rizzo, in his opening remarks at the event.

The high-level meeting in Rabat represents a further step in the enhancement of the political dimension of the Mediterranean Dialogue, following the Foreign Affairs Ministers meeting in December 2004 in Brussels and the Defence Ministers meeting in February 2006 in Taormina.