Updated: 08-Apr-2004 March 2004

1-5 Mar 2004
Innovative Winter Academy in Ukraine
The first ever Winter Academy on security issues to take place in Ukraine was held 1-5 March 2004.
2 Mar 2004
Seven invitees on the verge of NATO membership
On 2 March, the NATO Secretary General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer invited Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia to become members of NATO.
3 Mar 2004
Italian Foreign Minister visits NATO
Italian Foreign Minister Franco Frattini addressed the North Atlantic Council, NATO’s principal decision-making body, and met for talks with the Secretary General during a one-day visit to NATO, 3 March.
3 Mar 2004
Progress on new NATO air command and control system
This year, testing begins of NATO’s Air Command and Control System (ACCS), which is intended to combine, and automate, at the tactical level the planning, tasking and execution of all air operations.
4 Mar 2004
Secretary General visits Poland
In the five years since its accession, Poland has demonstrated that it is a true Ally, “for good and bad weather”, NATO Secretary General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer said on a visit to Warsaw on 4 March.
5 Mar 2004
Burial ceremony of President Trajkovski
NATO Secretary General de Hoop Scheffer visited the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia1 on 5 March 2004 to attend the burial ceremony of President Trajkovski.
8 Mar 2004
First ever NATO-Russia missile defence exercise
NATO and Russia are conducting a groundbreaking computer simulation in the United States, 8 to 12 March, to test joint responses to missile attacks against deployed troops.
10-12 Mar 2004
Secretary General visits Baltic States
NATO Secretary General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer congratulated the governments of Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania on their imminent accession to the Alliance, during visits to the three countries, from 10 to 12 March.
11 Mar 2004
Statement by Secretary General on bomb attacks in Madrid
I wish to express my shock and anger in response to the appalling terrorist attacks this morning in Madrid. The terrible loss of life and casualties makes this attack one of the worst that our Ally, Spain, has suffered in recent times. On behalf of the Alliance, I condemn in the strongest possible terms this mindless act of cruelty and barbarism.
11 Mar 2004
Force generation conference for ISAF expansion successfully completed
A landmark force generation conference to man and equip the first stage of the expansion of NATO’s role in Afghanistan took place at NATO’s top military headquarters in Mons, Belgium, on 11 March.
11 Mar 2004
Progress on securing heavy weapons in Afghanistan
A ceremony held near Kabul on 11 March marked the successful cantonment of one-quarter of all heavy weapons in the capital city to a special, government-controlled storage site.
12 Mar 2004
NATO pays tribute to victims of Madrid attacks
Flags flew at half-mast at NATO Headquarters in Brussels today and staff observed a minute of silence at noon in solidarity with the victims of the terrorist attacks in Madrid.
16 Mar 2004
NATO to expand Operation Active Endeavour to the whole Mediterranean
NATO is resolved to help deter, defend, disrupt and protect against terrorism through maritime operations in the Area of Operations of Operation Active Endeavour and to demonstrate Alliance resolve...
17 Mar 2004
Making room for seven new members
NATO Secretary General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer today inaugurated a newly constructed extension to the NATO Headquarters in Brussels, which will house the delegations of the seven new Allies.
18-20 Mar 2004
NATO Parliamentarians meet in Sarajevo
The NATO Parliamentary Assembly held its 56th Rose-Roth seminar in Sarajevo, in the Parliament of Bosnia and Herzegovina, on 18-20 March.
19 Mar 2004
NATO resolved to help bring Kosovo violence under control
The NATO Council has met again today to assess the security situation in Kosovo. NATO is resolved to help bring this violence under control as quickly as possible. The Alliance is deploying additional troops from the previously designated operational and strategic reserve to ensure that KFOR has all the resources necessary.
19-21 Mar 2004
Madrid workshop on threats to security in the Mediterranean basin
A NATO Advanced Research Workshop titled “Developing Collaboration to Assess and Respond to Threats to Security in and around the Mediterranean Basin” took place in Madrid from 19-21 March, and brought together participants from 21 NATO, partner and Mediterranean Dialogue countries.
20 Mar 2004
Secretary General visits Czech Republic and Slovakia
NATO Secretary General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer paid a one-day visit to Prague on 18 March and to Bratislava on 19 March, for an official visit and to take part in a high-level conference on NATO and EU enlargement.
21-22 Mar 2004
Secretary General visits Hungary
During the five years of its NATO membership, Hungary has proven itself to be a reliable Ally, NATO Secretary General de Hoop Scheffer said during a visit to Budapest on 22 March.
22 Mar 2004
Kosovo violence unacceptable, says NATO Secretary General
In Kosovo on 22 March, NATO Secretary General de Hoop Scheffer said the recent violence was unacceptable and would not help the Albanian majority achieve its political aims.
22 Mar 2004
NATO-Ukraine 2004 Target Plan online
The NATO-Ukraine Annual Target Plan for 2004 was approved on 22 March and has now been published online on the NATO website in English and Ukrainian.
23 Mar 2004
Prime Minister of Serbia visits NATO
Serbian Prime Minister Kostunica visited NATO on 23 March for talks with Secretary General de Hoop Scheffer on the situation in Kosovo and Serbia’s desire to join NATO’s Partnership for Peace programme.
29 Mar 2004
Seven new members join NATO
On 29 March, Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia formally became members of NATO by depositing their instruments of accession with the United States Government.
31 Mar 2004
NATO will continue to play its part in Afghanistan, says Secretary General
Speaking at the international donor’s conference on Afghanistan in Berlin on 31 March, NATO Secretary General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer said NATO is determined to make its Afghanistan mission a success.
31 Mar 2004
Air policing extended to the new NATO Allies
Copyright Belgian Army
With the accession of the seven new member states, NATO’s protective umbrella, including the policing of member country airspace, has been extended to all their territories.

  1. Turkey recognises the Republic of Macedonia with its constitutional name.