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25 June 2003

Transatlantic defence cooperation

Interview with Assistant Secretary General for Defence Investment, Mr. Robert Gregory Bell

In this interview, Mr. Bell explains the role of NATO's new Defence Investment Division, the problems hindering transatlantic defence cooperation, and the efforts being made to close the technological gap between the United States and other NATO members. He talks about how the US campaign in Iraq has affected these efforts as well as the role of NATO's new Allied Command Transformation in this regard.

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Mr Bell, you are at the head of the new Defence Investment Division, which was previously called Defence Support. Could you explain what this name change signifies and why it has taken place at this point in time? 623Kb
What are your main objectives in this area for the near to mid-future? 1020Kb
One of the ongoing problems within the Alliance is the growing technological gap between the United States and other NATO members. What are the key aspects of this problem and how should they be addressed? 1610Kb
Has the current international context, after the US campaign in Iraq, hindered efforts to improve transatlantic defence industrial cooperation in any way? 1232Kb
What role will the new Allied Command Transformation have in assisting in greater defence cooperation between Europe and the US?
European Union members have started to coordinate their defence efforts by pooling assets for instance. How much further do they need to develop cooperation to be militarily more effective?
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