Updated: 19-Mar-2003 March 2003

18 Mar. 2003


Seminar at Ukraine’s Verkhovna Rada

“NATO-Ukraine relations following the Prague Summit: Implications and Perspectives” was the theme of a seminar that took place at Ukraine’s Parliament, the Verkhovna Rada (VR) on 18 March.

Discussions concentrated on current NATO-Ukraine relations and assessments were made with respect to the course of action Ukraine will have to follow in accordance with the recently adopted NATO-Ukraine Action Plan. Participants at the roundtable included NATO representatives, Ukrainian executive bodies and members of Parliament, experts from various think-tanks and non-governmental organisations, as well as numerous journalists.

The roundtable was organised by the "Centre for Strategic Studies with the VR Committee on Euro-Atlantic Integration" and co-sponsored by the NATO Information and Documentation Centre (NIDC) in Kyiv.

The NIDC, in accordance with the Alliance’s regional outreach efforts in Ukraine, also co-sponsored two youth-oriented events: On 12 March, the Atlantic Council of Ukraine organised a round-table at the Ostroh Academy in the Rivne region on “Security and Co-operation after the Prague Summit: Regional Dimension”; and on 19 March, the Information Methodic Debate Centre organised a debate on NATO aimed at popularising NATO objectives among the youth using parliamentary debate methods in Lviv.

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