Updated: 19-Mar-2003 March 2003

18 Mar. 2003


Ukraine Prime Minister visits NATO

The newly appointed Prime Minister of Ukraine, Victor Yanukovich, visited NATO Headquarters for the first time on 18 March to discuss NATO-Ukraine co-operation with Secretary General Lord Robertson.

They discussed the implementation of the NATO-Ukraine Action Plan, adopted at the November 2002 Prague Summit, and specific goals and priorities for 2003. “We move forward with purpose and a sense that we have a joint mission to accomplish,” said Lord Robertson at a press conference after the meeting. He emphasised the fact that the framework and goals for NATO-Ukraine cooperation were well defined and it was now time “to implement them and implement them quickly”.

The Prime Minister highlighted the reform of the armed forces as one of the key issues for Ukraine and reiterated the government’s commitment to the Action Plan and the targets set for 2003. “We understand that only the execution of this plan will allow us to begin the next stage in the development of our relations”, he said, noting that the next stage would focus on intensified dialogue and joining NATO’s Membership Action Plan.

The NATO-Ukraine Action Plan provides a framework for intensified consultations and cooperation on political, economic, military and defence matters. It was developed following NATO’s decision in May 2002 to deepen and broaden the Alliance’s partnership with Ukraine.

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