Updated: 07-Jan-2004 October 2002

24 Oct. 2002


Scientists prepare for "Grand Gathering" and presentation of first NATO Science Partnership Prize

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  • Scientists from NATO and Partner countries have begun the prelude to their "Grand Gathering", which is scheduled to take place on 24 October. The nine advisory panels of NATO's Science Committee are holding individual meetings to discuss current projects and to debate the future of the NATO's Science Programme in the light of the forthcoming Prague Summit.

    On 24 October all the participants will come together for a joint working session on the future of the Programme. The highlight of this "grand gathering" will be the presentation of the first NATO Science Partnership Prize to the three prize-winners by NATO Secretary General Lord Robertson. The prize-winners are Aleksandr P. Kozlov, Russia, Artem A. Khalatov, Ukraine and Nick Syred, United Kingdom and the prize was awarded for their collaboration on innovative cooling techniques applied to gas turbine engines.

    Those interested in these events will be able to follow the proceedings through audio recordings and a photographic record which will be presented on the NATO website. The official session will be presented in full on 24 October, while edited highlights of the working session will be available from Monday, 28 October.

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