Updated: 03-Oct-2002 October 2002

2 Oct. 2002

Winners of first NATO Science Partnership Prize

The first NATO Science Partnership Prize has just been announced. The winners are Aleksandr P. Kozlov (Russia), Artem Khalatov (Ukraine) and Nick Syred (United Kingdom), for their collaboration on innovative cooling techniques applied to gas turbine engines.

It is expected that the enhanced cooling techniques under development will be applied to the next generation of jet engines to allow more efficient operating temperatures. This translates directly into fuel savings, longer ranges, higher performance, lower costs and improved logistics for both civilian and military aircraft.

The prize will be presented to the winners by NATO Secretary General, Lord Robertson, at a ceremony on 24th October. In addition to a specially-designed memento, an award of €10,000 will be given to each prize-winner to continue their research work.

The NATO grant underpinning this project was awarded in 1998 and, over the following two years, allowed the collaborators to visit one another's laboratories to work on developing the techniques which had been the subject of their individual researches. Research had been underway in the former Soviet Union and in Western European countries over many years to try and make progress in this area. It was not until the opening of Eastern European countries to contacts and collaboration with Western scientists that the full potential of the combined communities could be realised.

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