1 Oct. 1997


by the Secretary General, Dr. Javier Solana

on the SFOR Operation Against SRT Transmitters
in Bosnia and Herzegovina

This morning, following a request from the High Representative, SFOR took action at a number of locations in Bosnia and Herzegovina to deny Srpska Radio and Television (SRT) the use of their broadcasting network.

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The High Representative requested military action early this morning after he determined that the SRT had violated the Udrigovo Agreement of 2nd September by their unacceptable treatment of a 26th September press conference by Justice Arbour, the Chief Prosecutor at the International Criminal Tribunal in The Hague. The High Representative, together with the SFOR Commander, had already issued a clear and full warning to the management of SRT on 10th September.

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SFOR's action was directed by SACEUR, following consultations with me, in accordance with previous decisions of the North Atlantic Council and paragraph 70 of the Sintra Declaration.

The aim of SFOR's action is to assist the High Representative in ensuring that the media in the Republika Srpska reflects international norms of professional media conduct and fully supports the goals of the Dayton Agreement.

SFOR's action this morning demonstrates our determination to support those who support Dayton and to react swiftly and robustly against those who seek to obstruct the peace process. There should be no doubt of SFOR's resolve.

Finally I informed Defence Ministers of this operation at the beginning of our meeting this morning.

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