October 1997

Chapter 9: Production Logistics

Western European Armaments Group (WEAG)

923. The WEAG is a non-NATO group composed of all the European members of the Alliance, which replaced the Independent European Programme Group (IEPG) dissolved in 1992. It is placed under the aegis of the Western European Union (WEU). The WEAG meets at ministerial level at least once a year. It is charged with the development of closer armaments cooperation, and its main objectives are:

  • to permit the most efficient use of funds for research, development and procurement;
  • to increase standardization and interoperability of equipment;
  • to maintain a healthy European defence industrial and technological base; and
  • to encourage a better balanced two-way street in armaments cooperation between Europe and North America.
Since 1996, the WEAG is complemented by a Western European Armaments Organization (WEAO), with similar membership, which has statutory authority to pursue cooperative defence research projects among participating nations.

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