October 1997

Chapter 8: Consumer Logistics

Hierarchy of Logistic Documents

803. The logistics doctrinal structure for consumer logistics matters is depicted in the following diagram:

Diagram 1: Doctrinal structure

  1. Multinational Logistics Policy documents are developed at the highest NATO levels. Alliance Committees, such as AC/305 - Senior NATO Logisticians' Conference submit recommendations for approval to the Military Committee (MC) followed by endorsement by the Council.

    These strategic level policies are then published as MC documents, and include:

    MC 319/1
    NATO Principles and Policies for Logistics;
    MC 334/1
    Host Nation Support (HNS) Planning;
    MC 336/1
    Movement and Transportation Concept for NATO; and
    MC 326
    Medical Support Precepts and Guidance for NATO (1).

  2. Multinational Logistics Doctrine documents are distributed as Allied Joint Publications (AJP); such as:

    AJP 4
    Logistics (2);
    AJP 8
    Resources and Finances;
    AJP 9
    Civil-Military Cooperation.

    The AJPs provide foundational logistic doctrine under which more detailed logistic techniques and procedures are established,

  3. Allied Logistics Publications (ALP) are supporting component Multinational Logistics Doctrines; such as:

    ALP 9
    for Land Forces;
    ALP 10
    for Air Forces (2);
    ALP 11
    for Maritime forces; and
    ALP 12
    for Host Nation Support.

  4. Multinational Logistics Techniques and Procedures
    Multinational logistics techniques and procedures are described in Major NATO Command (MNC) level documents as well as applicable NATO Standardization Agreements (STANAGs) and other documents. Example: BiMNC Directive for Host Nation Support (HNS).

  5. Multinational Logistics Planning
    Logistics planning documents are generally developed at MNC level and below and include the logistic elements of General Operational Plans (GOP) and other logistics functional planning. Example: Functional Planning Guide - Logistics.


  1. developed under the responsibility of the Committee of the Chiefs of Military Medical Services in NATO (COMEDS)

  2. under development

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