October 1997

Chapter 17: Standardization and Interoperability

The NATO Standardization Organization (NSO)

1718. The NSO supervises the standardization process. The primary objectives of the NSO are to ensure adequate coordination among all NATO TAs in order to maximise the overall effectiveness and avoid duplication of efforts; to ensure that Alliance Standard-ization Policy, with particular emphasis on interoperability needs, is clearly articulated, and its implementation monitored; and to establish an NSP by ensuring that SOs are properly developed and the necessary actions taken by appropriate groups.

NATO Committee for Standardization (NCS) - AC/321

1719. The NCS is chaired by the Secretary General with two permanent co-chairmen: the Assistant Secretary General for Defence Support (ASG/DS) and the Director of the International Military Staff (DIMS). It advises the Council on standardization matters, approves the NSP, and provides guidance for the NSLB and ONS.

NATO Standardization Liaison Board (NSLB)

1720. The NSLB is an internal NATO HQ staff forum with representation from IS and IMS staff involved in standardization. It coordinates standardization activities among all TAs within NATO HQ, harmonizes standardization documents to be submitted to NCS and Council, liaises between IS and IMS members on NSP related activities and monitors the development of the NSP. IS Logistics Directorate and IMS Logistics Branch represent consumer logistics interests, while IS Defence Support Division represents production logistics interests.

Office for NATO Standardization (ONS)

1721. ONS is the staff support for NSLB and NCS. The office collates information for the development of the NSP, collates information for reports on the progress of the NSP development and drafts standardization documents for NSLB and NCS.

Tasking Authorities (TAs)

1722. The development of a standardization proposal or SO into a STANAG or other standardization product is the responsibility of NATO HQ bodies/Agencies . TAs draft and submit Programmes of Work (POW) for their subordinate Working Parties (WP) and individual specialists. In the process to develop the top priority ASR into an SO, the ONS coordinates with Contact Teams which are composed of staff officers, TAs and MNCs. CNAD and NC3B are TAs that deal with production logistic matters, while the MAS, NPC, SNLC, and the Committee of the Chiefs of Military Medical Services in NATO (COMEDS) are TAs that deal with consumer logistic standardization.

Points of Contact

1723. In the preparation phase of the NSP seeking for agreement in the NSLB and approval in the NCS, separate meetings between NSO staff and Points of Contact of nations in NATO HQ will be held to provide nations in time information to shorten the staffing process. POCs are also invited to attend NSLB meetings.

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