October 1997

Chapter 15: Fuels, Oils, Lubricants and
Petroleum Handling Equipment

Military Fuels and the Single Fuel Concept

1511. The coordinating body is AC/112(NF&LWG), which is concerned with the more detailed technical aspects of military fuels including the Single Fuel Concept. (Details of aviation, ground and naval fuels used in NATO are at Annex A)

Single Fuel Concept (SFC)

1512. The aim of the concept is to maximize equipment interoperability through the use of a single fuel, namely F-34, on the battlefield for land based military aircraft, vehicles and equipment. In 1986 agreement was reached on a common aviation turbine fuel for land based military aircraft, F-34 to replace F-40. The changeover, which now makes F-34 readily available, has prompted studies and trials by nations into using F-34 in diesel engines as a replacement for F-54 diesel fuel. A further development has been a reduction in the use of gasoline as nations phase out gasoline-driven equipment in favour of diesel engines. Such a trend is not occurring at a uniform rate as this depends on national procurement policies for new military vehicles and equipment. The logistic benefits of a single fuel on the battlefield, and in out-of-area peacekeeping missions, are numerous but a major benefit is a simplification of the fuel supply chain, and of operations of the NPS.

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