October 1997

Chapter 15: Fuels, Oils, Lubricants and
Petroleum Handling Equipment

Standardization/Interchangeability and Research

1513. AC/112(NF&LWG) and its supporting Working Parties cover the detailed aspects of interservice standardization of fuels, oils, lubricants and associated products.

1514. AC/112(PHEWG) covers the overall aspects of interservice standardization of petroleum handling equipment including TFHE.

1515. The NPC is the Tasking Authority for some 50 STANAGs covering fuels, oils, lubricants and petroleum handling equipment. These STANAGs are listed in AAP-4.

1516. The Advisory Group for Aerospace Research and Development (AGARD), through its Propulsion and Energetics Panel (PEP), deals with various aspects of aviation fuel. AGARD is being subsumed into the Research and Technology Organization (R&TO).

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