October 1997

Chapter 15: Fuels, Oils, Lubricants and
Petroleum Handling Equipment


1501. Fuel is a commodity that is essential to NATO's defence planning and is also necessary for sustaining social and economic life. There are several committees in NATO associated with fuels support and fuels supply planning, which can be generally grouped as those concerned with:

  • civil preparedness to meet oil problems within NATO;
  • bulk distribution and storage of fuels for military use by the NATO Pipeline System (NPS) and other associated facilities;
  • air base, naval base and unit support;
  • fuels supply planning;
  • types of military fuels, oils, lubricants and associated products, and their relationship with weapon systems, vehicles and equipment;
  • standardization/interchangeability and research on fuels, oils and lubricants and other related products, as well as Petroleum Handling Equipment (PHE).

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