October 1997

Chapter 14: Movement and Transportation

Allied Deployment and Movement System (ADAMS)

1419. The MNCs are responsible for implementing the Alliance's Strategic Concept through MSCs and Reaction Forces in close coordination with NATO HQ, and the NATO nations. An effective automated tool is necessary to manage the MNCs' mobility, deployment and movement responsibilities. ADAMS provides an automated deployment and movement system with tracking capability essential for the MNCs and other NATO Commanders to plan for and exercise command and control of deployment/movement planning and execution.

1420. ADAMS is a decision support system for the assessment planning and coordination of NATO multinational force deployments. Prototype Software development was accomplished by NATO Consultation, Command and Control Agency (NC3A) under SHAPE supervision in close coordination and cooperation with national and allied movements staff.

1421. Although ADAMS is presently an operational prototype software, it has been installed at many NATO HQs, all NATO nations less Iceland, and the Eurocorps for trial and operational use. It proved to be a reliable and stand alone networked system for deployment planning and deconflicting national deployment plans. The ultimate goal of ADAMS is to install a final version of the industrialized software at the MNCs, MSCs, PSCs, CJPS, Reaction Forces and NATO nations, and to ensure there is secure communications between them.

1422. The Capability Package (CP) for the long-term imple-mentation of the ADAMS project for the funding of hardware, and software is approved in principle by NATO HQ. It will take from 1997-2000 to implement the CP, which will link ADAMS as part of the Logistics Functional Area Sub-System (LOGFASS) to the ACE Automated Command and Control Information Systems (ACCIS) Core Implementation Plan.

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