October 1997

Chapter 14: Movement and Transportation

Civil Support to Military Movement and
Transportation Planning

1423. The framework to provide a proactive civil response to Alliance movement and transportation requirements exists within the SCEPC, which has well established links between the military and civil transport agencies. Peacetime operational support is provided by CEPD at NATO HQ and the three civil transport-oriented Planning Boards and Committees (PB&Cs) dealing with civil movement and transport matters: the Planing Board for European Inland Surface Transport (PBEIST); the Civil Aviation Planning Committee (CAPC); and the Planning Board for Ocean Shipping (PBOS). During a crisis situation and upon direction from the NAC, or request from a nation, the SCEPC activates as required the Civil Emergency Crisis Cell (CECC).

1424. Via these bodies, SCEPC can advise on the capability, availability and use of civil transportation resources for strategic and operational mobility; contribute to the assessment of the feasibility of multinational movement and transportation plans; monitor and forecast the impact of NATO military operations on civil transportation markets and intermodal systems; advise on the best approach to the commercial market; and upon request, assist in the coordination of chartering of civil transportation and/or facilitate contracting through the NATO Maintenance and Supply Agency (NAMSA) (see Chapter 11).

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