October 1997

Chapter 10: Cooperative Logistics

NATO Production and Logistics Organizations (NPLO)

1003. An NPLO is a subsidiary body created within the framework of NATO for the implementation of tasks arising out of the Treaty, and to which the North Atlantic Council (NAC) grants organizational, administrative and financial independence. The NPLO is established with a view to meeting, to the best advantage, the collective requirements of participating nations in relevant fields of design and development, production, operational logistic support and management under the conditions agreed in its Charter. An NPLO is open to all NATO nations who become member States by signing the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). An NPLO normally consists of:

  • a Board of Directors (BOD) (in some cases called a Steering Committee (SC)) that is the governing body acting with regard to the collective interests of member nations. The representatives of each member nation represent their nation's political, military, economic, financial and technical interests and fully participate in the BODs decision-making process;
  • subordinate committee(s) established by the BOD as required; and
  • an Agency that is the executive managing body under the authority of a General Manager.

Consumer Logistics Oriented NPLOs

1004. NATO Maintenance and Supply Organization (NAMSO) with its Agency (NAMSA) located at Capellen, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, is NATO's principal logistic support management agency. NAMSA's mission is to provide logistic services in peace, crisis and conflict in support of weapon and equipment systems held in common by NATO nations. Its aim is to promote materiel readiness, to improve the efficiency of logistic operations and to effect substantial savings through consolidation of procurement.

1005. To accomplish this mission, NAMSA discharges responsi-bilities with which it has been vested in the areas of supply, maintenance, calibration, procurement, transportation, technical support, engineering services and configuration management for some 30 weapon and equipment systems. Other activities include codification/identification services (with an international electronic mailbox system handling more than 500,000 transactions per month) and arranging contracts for the disposal of all types of ammunition.

1006. NAMSA's main facilities and the majority of its workforce of around 1,000 are located at Capellen. The Southern Operational Centre in Taranto, Italy, serves mainly Allied Forces Southern Europe (AFSOUTH) nations, and NATO's HAWK Logistics Management Office (NHMO) at Rueil-Malmaison, France supports the HAWK weapon system.

1007. Fifteen member countries (all NATO nations except Iceland) participate in NAMSO activities. Moreover, the Council authorized NAMSA to provide technical assistance to PfP nations. Through the organization of training sessions (e.g., on international contracting) and seminars, Partners are informed about the Agency's consumer logistics support performance. MOUs were signed (1) with some Partner nations and various Partners already established relations with NAMSA.

1008. Central Europe Pipeline System (CEPS) is the largest system of the NATO Pipeline System (NPS). Its Agency (CEPMA) is located at Versailles, France.

1009. The CEPS encompasses NATO assets for the movement, storage and delivery of bulk fuel, and is located in Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg and the Netherlands (Host Nations). Some 6,000 km of pipelines relay 46 depots with a total storage capacity of 1.25millionm3. In order to keep operational costs low and to increase the use of the pipeline, the system can also be used for transport and storage of fuels for civil oil companies. Eight nations (Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Luxembourg, the United Kingdom and the United States) are User Nations.

Production Logistics Oriented NPLOs

1010. NATO Helicopter for the 1990s (NH90) Design and Development, Production and Logistics Management Organization (NAHEMO) with its Agency (NAHEMA) located at Aix-en-Provence, France. Member nations are France, Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom.

1011. NATO Euro Fighter 2000 (EF 2000) and TORNADO Development, Production and Logistics Management Organ-ization (NETMO) with its Agency (NETMA) located at Unterlaching, Germany. Member nations are Germany, Italy, Spain (EF 2000 only), and the United Kingdom.

1012. NATO Medium Extended Air Defence System, Design and Development, Production and Logistics Management Organization (NAMEADSMO) with its Agency (NAMEADSMA) located at Huntsville, Alabama in the United States. Member nations are Germany, Italy, and the United States.

1013. NATO HAWK Production and Logistics Organization (NHPLO) with its Management Office located at Rueil-Malmaison, France. Member nations are Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands and Norway.

Other NPLOs are:

1014. NATO Airborne Early Warning and Control Programme Management Organization (NAPMO) with its Agency (NAPMA) located at Brunssum, the Netherlands. Member nations comprise all NATO nations (2).

1015. NATO Air Command and Control System (ACCS) Management Organization (NACMO) with its Agency (NACMA) located at Brussels, Belgium. Member nations comprise all NATO nations.

1016. NATO Consultation, Command and Control (C3) Organization (NC3O) with its Agency (NC3A) at Brussels, Belgium and the Hague, the Netherlands. Member nations comprise all NATO nations.


  1. As end of 1997: Austria, Czech Republic and Switzerland.
    MOUs with Hungary and Poland in preparation
  2. France and Spain participate as observers.Spain has formally applied for membership

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