Updated: 27-Jan-2000 NATO Basic Texts

Sept. 1995

Study on NATO Enlargement


Chapter 1
Purposes and Principles of Enlargement
Chapter 2
How to ensure that enlargement contributes to the stability and security of the entire Euro-Atlantic area, as part of a broad European security architecture, and supports the objective of an undivided Europe
Chapter 3
How NACC and PfP can contribute concretely to the enlargement process
Chapter 4
How to ensure that enlargement strengthens the effectiveness of the Alliance, preserves its ability to perform its core functions of common defence as well as to undertake peacekeeping and other new missions, and upholds the principles and objectives of the Washington Treaty.
Chapter 5
What are the implications of membership for new members, including their rights and obligations, and what do they need to do to prepare for membership ?
Chapter 6
Modalities according to which the enlargement process should proceed