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NATO Headquarters Reading Room

Official inauguration by NATO Secretary General, Javier Solana (left) and Deputy Executive Secretary, B.A. Goetze.
A view of the NATO Archives Reading Room

Preamble: According to the NATO approved policy on Public disclosure, documents of thirty years old or older which have been declassified and approved for public disclosure are available for consultation, except those containing information that could affect the privacy of an individual or confidential commercial information.

In exceptional circumstances NATO may disclose documents less than 30 years old. Special requests should be submitted to the NATO Archivist; however, readers should be aware that the review procedure may require an extended period of time.

Description of the available material

General provision governing public access:

  1. Anyone wishing to consult NATO material must first send a form to the NATO Archives Service describing the subject of the research and the dates when he or she would like to consult this material.
  2. After receiving the NATO Archives Service's written reply the reader should come to the NATO reading room [- at Boulevard Léopold III, Evere, 1110 Brussels -] on the date indicated in his or her request, bringing the NATO Archives' reply and an identity document.
  3. He or she shall then fill in a registration form and receive a temporary pass giving access to the reading room for the necessary research period. This pass shall be handed in when it expires.
  4. Security rules for the use of personal computers
Opening hours:
  1. Opening Hours are as follows:
    1. NATO Headquarters reading room is open from Monday to Thursday from 9.00 to 12.30 and from 14.00 to 17.30, and on Fridays from 9.00 to 12.30 and from 14.00 to 15.30.
    2. The reading room is closed on official public holidays laid down in an office notice issued annually.
    3. The opening hours may also be modified in accordance with the summer timetable indicated in a further office notice.
Access to documents:
  1. [Requests for consultation of NATO documents are made using the forms available from the reading room supervisor.]
  2. The reading room attendant may limit the quantity of items to be consulted per request.
  3. The reader shall return each item to the supervisor when it is finished with before receiving another. The reader shall likewise return the item under consultation when leaving the reading room.
  4. After consultation reference works must be returned to their places.
  5. Exceptionally valuable or fragile documents may be used only under the conditions specified by the reading room attendant.
  1. [The reproduction of NATO documents is subject to the following rules :
    1. The reader may obtain copies of documents by filling in a form indicating the reference, the page number(s) in the case of extracts, and the number of the microfilm reel.
    2. The reading room supervisor may make the copies from microfilms. Copies of documents which were originally classified will bear the references relating to their declassification drawn from the index provided for the purpose.
    3. A charge will be made for the reproduction - the reading room supervisor can indicate the tariff.
    4. In certain cases reproduction of documents may be limited and may be subject to control.]
  2. Readers are asked to provide a copy of their paper, thesis or publication, once it has been completed, for keeping in the NATO archives.
  3. NATO documents may be reproduced after authorization by the Organization; NATO material should be quoted accurately and in its right context.
  4. The access to those documents cannot be interpreted as implying relinquishment of the Organisation's copyright.
  1. Readers are responsible for taking proper care of the documents to which they have been given access.
  2. Smoking, drinking or bringing food into the reading room is forbidden.
  3. The use of mobile telephones is not permitted in the reading room.
  4. The reading room supervisor is authorised to take action against readers who do not respect these regulations. Infractions will lead to the suspension or withdrawal of the authorization to work in the NATO reading room, without prejudice to possible legal action.

Official public holidays:

For 2011 22 April
  25 April
  2 May
  2 June
  13 June
  21 July
  15 August
  1 November
  From 21 to 31 December 2011

Summer timetable: During summer season (July-August) closure at 17.00 and 15.00 respectively.

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