Updated: May 1999 NATO Archives

Security rules for the use of personal computers.
  1. Readers may use portable personal computers (of the laptop or palmtop type).

  2. The owner of the device shall keep it under his/her physical control at all times. Portable computers left unattended in the building will be treated by the security guards as suspect parcels.

  3. In order to avoid hazards from loose wires, the computers may only be battery operated.

  4. It is not allowed to connect the portable computer by laplink to on of the PC of the Reading Room

  5. Subject to the Reading Room supervisor's authorisation, the reader may use his/her portable computer (if equipped with a CD drive) to read and copy documents from a CD of the Reading Room. Alternatively he/she may copy documents from a PC of the Reading Room to a personal diskette.

  6. Readers are responsible for the protection of their own computer against computer viruses and other malicious software; noting that up-to-date anti-virus software, with on-access scanning, is installed on the PC of the Reading Room.
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