Updated: February 2008 NATO Documents Series

NATO Civil Organisation Records

1952 - 1974

  1. Council, Private Office, Executive Secretariat, International Staff, Ministerial Committees
  2. Political Affairs & Legal Questions
  3. Information and Cultural Relations
  4. Economic Affairs
  5. Annual Review
  6. Defence Planning
  7. Defence Production
  8. Civil Emergency Planning
  9. Scientific Co-operation
  10. European Air Space Co-ordination
  11. Security
  12. Infrastructure
  13. Administration and Budget

Series 7 to 13 are only available for consultation up to 1965

North Atlantic Council - Private Office - Executive Secretariat - International Staff & Ministerial Committees (1952 - 1974)

Following the 1952 reorganisation the number of records produced by the Organisation increased quite substantially. Council met in permanent session once or twice a week and new committees were created. The Secretary General and Executive Secretariat sent notes, memoranda and working papers in great numbers.

The records of the Council include memoranda (C-M), records of meetings (C-R), verbatim of ministerial meetings (C-VR),notes (C-N)and working papers (C-WP). These records cover the entire spectrum of the activities of the Organisation at the highest level.

(1955 - 1974)
The reorganization which took place at Lisbon established the post of Secretary General. He was tasked with the organization of the work of the Council and with directing the work of the International Staff. His correspondence with delegations, heads of divisions, committee presidents and private individuals carries the reference PO. Only the official documents are available to the public.

(1952 - 1974)
The Executive Secretariat plays a pivotal role in the Organization and within the International Staff (created in 1951). At its head is the Executive Secretary who is in charge of all administrative matters related to the work of the Council and its subordinate committees. From 1952 to 1970 this office was headed by Captain R.D.Coleridge (RDC). Only those official records addressed to the delegations are available to the public.

(1952 - 1965)
Established in May 1951 and strengthened by the 1952 reorganization, the International Staff/Secretariat was tasked with the initial preparation and follow-up action in all matters for which the Council is responsible. International Staff Memoranda (ISM) were issued by i.e., the Executive Secretariat, the Financial Controller, the Assistant Secretary General for Political Affairs, the Assistant Secretary General for Production & Logistics ; they covered various topics such as measures taken by the Budget Committee, allocation of ammunition, organization charts.

(1956) [ca. 45 records]
In May 1956 Foreign Affairs Ministers tasked three Ministers, Mr.G. Martino (Italy), Mr. H. Lange (Norway) and Mr. L. Pearson (Canada) "to advise the Council on ways and means to improve and extend NATO co-operation in non-military fields and to develop greater unity within the Atlantic Community". Their report was approved by Council on 13 December 1956. The records of Committee of the Three (also known as the Three Wise Men) consist of reports of meetings, working papers and reports of consultation with countries.

(1960-1961) [Ca. 36 records]

The documents in this special series were not issued by a single committee but in response to a proposal by US Secretary of State Mr. Herter, at the 1959 December Ministerial, on long-range planning for the 1960's in the political, military, scientific and economic fields and in regards to arms control.
Further proposals (also known as the MRBM proposals) were made by Mr. Herter at the 1960 December Ministerial; they are also examined in this series.

AC/214(A) (1962) [ca. 12 records]

This high level informal group composed of Senior Foreign officials was established to provide the North Atlantic Council with studies on long-term policy problems; the twice yearly meetings were chaired by the Assistant Secretary General for Political Affairs who reported under his responsibility directly to the Council.

VON KARMAN COMMITTEE [VKC] or Long Term Scientific Studies for NATO
(1961-1963) [Ca. 30 reports]

This committee was established under the direction of Dr. von Karman (Chairman of AGARD) to forecast scientific advances on the military art in the next decade in the context of the military aims of NATO. The Military authorities identified eight mission areas: reconnaissance, detection, offensive weapons, defensive weapons, mobility, survivability, communications and human factors.

Political Affairs And Legal Questions (1952-1974)

As a result of the Reorganisation approved at Lisbon, the Political Working Group (AC/2) was disbanded. A Political Division headed by an Assistant Secretary General for Political Affairs was established. As indicated in the first progress report of the Secretary General (See C-M(52)105), the Council was dealing directly with political topics thus the absence of a Political Committee between 1952 and 1957.

Main Committees

Political Committee [AC/119]
Established as a result of a recommendation of the Committee of Three.

5 Working Groups were created to examine specific questions . The records were issued under the AC/119 reference:

Working Group on Eastern Europe and the Soviet occupied zone of Germany (1959-1965)
Expert Working Group on the situation in the Middle-East (1959-1965)
Expert Working Group on the situation in the Far East (1959-1965)
Working Group on trends of Soviet Policy (see AC/34 & TSP) (1959-1965)
Ad Hoc Group of Experts on Latin America (1961-1965)
(the first four groups were already in existence before 1959)

Committee on Africa [AC/146]
(1959-1960) [Ca. 20 records]

Reports to Council on the methods and progress of Soviet penetration in Africa south of the Sahara as well as the measures adopted or proposed to meet this threat.
From 1961 the records of this Committee (made up of experts from nations) were circulated under the reference AC/119.

Ad Hoc Groups
Legal WG on reciprocal engagements between members of EDC and members of NATO [AC/14]
(1952) [7 records]

Committee to examine the EDC Treaty [AC/21]
(1952) [7 records]

WG on the Ministerial meeting of the Council [AC/26]
(1952-1956) [ca. 50 records]

WG on provisional agenda of Council and Standing Group [AC/33]
(1952) [1 record]

Trends in Soviet Policy [AC/34 & TSP]
(1952-1956) [ca. 130 records] Activities taken over by AC/119 in 1957

Committee for drafting Final Communiqué [AC/40]
(1952-1953) [5 records]

WG on mutual assistance in the arrest of Deserters and Defaulters [AC/54] (Withheld)
(1953-1954) [10 records]

WG on reply to the Soviet Note [AC/86]
(1954) [no records]

WG on Prisoners of war [AC/96] (Withheld)
(1955-1956) [21 records]

WG on the revision of the Article 2 Survey [AC/108]
(1956) [13 records]

Groups related to the preparation of the Summit Conference:
[ca. 72 records for the various groups]
  1. Committee on the procedure & coordination for a possible Summit Conference [CPC]
  2. Committee on European Security [CES]
  3. Committee on method for strengthening International Cooperation [CIC]

Working Group on UN Refugee Fund [AC/113]
(1956) [13 records]

Group of experts on Malta [AC/246]
(1964-1965) [7 records]

Information and Cultural Relations (1952-1974)

Main Committees
Information Policy Working Group [AC/24]
(1952-1953) [ca. 90 records]

Working Group on Social & Cultural Cooperation [AC/31]
(1952-1953) [ca. 25 records]

Committee on information & Cultural Relations [AC/52 & ICR]
Merging of AC/24 and AC/31 activities

Ad Hoc Groups
1st NATO International Information Meeting [AC/1]
=> See Period 1949-1952, Council Deputies Ad Hoc Committees

Conference on troop information and military community relations problems [AC/58]
(1953) [ca. 22 records]

NATO conference for radio officials [AC/77]
(1954) [8 records]

3rd Conference of national information officials [AC/87]
(1955) [ca. 35 records]

Conference on troop information and military community relations [AC/90]
(1955) [9 records]

Troop information courses [AC/93]
(1955) [1 record]

4th, 5th & 6th Conferences of national information officials [AC/124]
(1957-1960-->) [ca. 80 records]

North Atlantic Studies Committee [AC/151]
(1959-1960) [12 records]

Working Group on Psychological Action [ AC/186]
(1960-1961) [ca. 20 records]
Was dissolved in April 1962 and its activities were taken over by the Committee on Information and Cultural Relations [ AC/52]

Experts Groups on Psychological Warfare and Psychological Defence [AC/201]
(1961) and its sub-groups [ca. 30 records]

Ad Hoc Study Group on Broadcasts to Africa south of the Sahara [AC/201(A)]

Ad Hoc Study Group on the communist offensive in the Youth field [AC/201(B)]

Ad Hoc Study Group on public relations work on Germany and Berlin [AC/201(C)]

Economic Affairs (1952-1974)

The Economic and Finance Division resulting from the Reorganisation approved at Lisbon in 1952, headed by an Assistant Secretary General, became the successor of the Financial and Economic Board.

Main Committees

Working Group on Comparison of Economic Trends in the NATO and Soviet Countries [AC/89] (1955-1972-->)
In June 1956 became the Committee on Soviet Economic Policy. In April 1958 the Council agreed that this Committee would act as a Sub-committee under the general direction of the Committee of Economic Advisers (see below)

Committee of Economic Advisers [AC/127]
Created as a result of a recommendation of the Committee of Three. It will discuss any economic issues of special interest to the Alliance, particularly those which have political and defence implications, or affect the economic health of the Atlantic Community as a whole.

Sub-series and Ad hoc Groups of the Committee of Economic Advisers
East-West Trade AC/127-EWT
Notification of Export Credits AC/127- NEC
Study Group on Soviet Oil Policy AC/127-O [1960-1961] [ca. 15 records]

Ad Hoc Groups

Committee of Technical Advisors [AC/110]
(July 1956 - November 1956) [ca. 26 records]
Committee set up to examine the Pineau Plan proposing the creation of an Agency for World Economic Development, principally to aid underdeveloped countries.
Ad hoc Study group on the Resolution C-M(60)142 (Economic problems of Greece and Turkey) [AC/200]
(1961) [2 records]
Ad hoc Working Group on Economic Counter-measures [AC/202]
(1961-1962) [Ca. 70 records]

Annual Review [AR] (1952-1966)

The Annual Review is the main instrument for co-ordinating the defence efforts of the Alliance. Since 1952 there has been an Annual Review each year. No two reviews have turned out exactly alike, and none has followed in all respects the procedures of the original Temporary Council Committee exercise.

Main Committees & Working Groups

Annual Review Committee [AC/19]
[ca.800 records]

Working Group on Annual Review Procedure [AC/39]
[ca.260 records]


Steering Group on the reform of theAnnual Review [AC/159]
[ca.20 records]

Ad Hoc Groups

- Working Group on TCC Questionnaire [AC/17]
(April 1952) [1 record]
This WG met only once to brief Greece and Turkey on the information they were to supply in autumn 1952 for the Annual Review

- Working Group on Annual Recurring Costs [AC/57]
(1953-1957) [ca. 45 records]

- Working Group on Military Service [AC/83]
(1954-1956) [ca. 55 records]

- Documents of the Annual Review
(1952-1966) [ca. 4200 records]

Several documents series have been created between 1952 and 1958 for the conduct of the Annual Review Exercises. Some have been used throughout the years while others have been used for one exercise only:
=> AR(Q) (Questionnaire)
=> AR (Reports to staff working on the A.R.)
=> ARR (Replies by Countries to the questionnaire)
=> ARS (Country Summary Notes)
=> CE
(Committee to examine the Replies)
(Working paper - Belgium)
(Working paper - Canada)...
=> GEN/WP (Working paper - General)
=> MEMO (Memorandum and tables)
=> SR (SHAPE Recommendations)
=> DFR (Draft First Report)
=> DSR (Draft Second Report)
=> SC (Steering Committee)
=> EP Examining Panel

Defence Planning (1953-1972)

Committees & Working Groups
Ad Hoc Group on Alerts [AC/53]
[1 record]

Committee on Multilateral Discussions on the new procedures for defence policy [AC/100]
(February 1956)
[ca.40 records]
=> Created two Working Groups:

Defence Planning Committee [DPC]
(1963-1967 ->)

Principal decision-making authority on matters relating to the integrated military structure of NATO.
replaced by Defence Review Committee [DRC]
(1967-1972 ->)

Defence Planning Working Group[DPWG]
(1963-1967 ->)

Tasked with all the preparatory work for the DPC. Created several sub-groups.

Working Group on Allied Command Europe Mobile Force (AMF) [AC/212]
(1962-1966) [49 records]

Created in September 1961 this reserve force composed of units supplied by 7 different countries. This Working Group was established to examine the various financial aspects of the AMF in peace time and in case of deployment in an emergency.

Working Group on the Defence Problems of Greece [AC/213]
(1962) [12 records]

Ad Hoc Working Group on financing of national forces who will be operating on the territory of allied countries in the event of an emergency [AC/217]
(1962- 1963) [4 records]

Special Working Group on the Project for a multilateral sea-based MRBM Force [AC/219]
(1962) [4 records]

Ad Hoc Working Group for the establishment of an inventory of nuclear delivery systems [AC/226]
(1963) [9 records]

Working Group of Experts on the Artillery Group Headquarters, Northag [AC/234]
(1963-1964) [3 records]

Working Party on the Defence Problems of the South-Eastern Region [AC/248]
(1964-1965) [8 records]

Defence Production (1952-1965)

The Production and Logistics Division, headed by an Assistant Secretary General, was established as a result of the reorganisation of NATO approved at Lisbon in February 1952. It took over the activities of the Defence Production Board (DPB). [ca. 13500 records have been issued by the various groups]

Main Committees & Working Groups

Working Group on Correlated Production Programmes [AC/42]
[ca.75 records]

Meetings of Delegations & members of the Promotion & Logistic Division [AC/44]
[4 records]

Working Party on the formation of a military production and Equipment Committee [AC/71]
[7 records]

Defence Production Committee [AC/74]
then became > Armaments Committee
[ca. 850 records]
The Defence Production Committee was set up in 1954 to coordinate the activities of all the Groups of Experts dealing with Defence Production. In 1958, it was renamed "Armaments Committee" with wider terms of reference encompassing those aspects of research and development leading to production of armaments. It created sub-Groups:
=> Liaison Group for Spare Parts [ AC/74(LG)]

=> Working party on new assumptions [AC/74(NA)]

NATO Naval Armament Group [AC/141]

NATO Air Force Armaments Group [AC/224]

NATO Army Armaments Group [AC/225]

Joint Working Group on Cooperation in the Field of Armament [AC/142]
[12 records]

High level WG on co-operation in Research and Development[AC/116]

Exploratory group on the study of NBMR [AC/253]

Ad Hoc / Experts Working Groups

Equipment and Ammunition

Ammunition Production

Working Group on Ammunition Production and Off-Shore Procurement [AC/27]
(July-September 1952)

Special Working Group on Ammunition Production [AC/37]
(December 1952- October 1953)

Bofors 40/70 Ammunition Panel [AC/72]

Bofors 40/70 Elevating Mass Panel [AC/73]

Committee of Experts on the 40/70 Bofors Gun Carriage [AC/79]

Ad Hoc Working Group on financing of International Trials for 40/70 Ammunition [AC/97]

Bofors 57 mm Ammunition Panel [AC/114]
(October 1956-June 1957)

Group of Experts on Packaging and Storage of Ammunition [AC/78]
=> Sub-Group I: Packaging Specialised Group [AC/78(Group I)]
=> Sub-Group II: Storage Specialised Group [AC/78(Group II)]

Group of Experts on Ammunition Packaging [AC/105]
=> Sub Group I: Principles and Tests (AC/105(Group I)
=> Sub-Group II: Conventional Package [AC/105(Group II)]
=> Sub-Group III: New material for use in Packaging [AC/105(Group III)]

Group of Experts on Ammunition Storage [AC/106]
(May 1956- 1964-->)
=> Sub-Group I: Principle, General Rules, and Security Requirements [AC/106(Group I)]
=> Sub-Group II: Technical problems applicable to the design of buildings and equipment of depots [AC/106(Group II)]
=> Sub-Group III: Operation of depots in Peace and War [AC/106(Group III)]

Group of Experts on Propellants and Explosives [AC/60]
=> Sub-Group I: Specialised Group on Manufacture of Propellants and Explosives [AC/60(Group I)]
=> Sub-Group II: Specialised Group on specifications, acceptance and surveillance of Propellants and Explosives [AC/60(Group II)]
=> Sub-Group III: Specialised Group on internal ballistic [AC/60(Group III)]
=> Sub-Group IV: Sub-Group on manufacture and inspection of propellants and explosives [(AC/60(Group IV)]

Group of experts on the use of a common standard atmosphere for ballistic calculations [AC/117]

Panel on 7,62 mm ammunition [AC/116]
=> Ad Hoc Group on 9 mm (parabellum) ammunition [AC/116(PM)]

Group of Experts on equipment for the protection against chemical warfare [AC/61]
(December 1953-1961-->)

Group of Experts on steel for weapons [AC/41]
=> Drafting Committee [AC/41(DC)]
=> Sub-Group I: [AC41(Group I)]

Group of experts on steel cartridge cases [AC/59]

Group of experts on the application of new manufacturing techniques to ammunition production [AC/80]
=> Sub-Group I: Specialised group on small metallic components [AC/80(Group I)]
=> Sub-Group II: Specialised group on larger metallic components [AC/80(Group II)]
=> Sub-Group III: Specialised group on loading and non-metallic components (AC/80(Group III)]

Working group on spare parts production for artillery and small arms [AC/43]

Group of experts on vehicle spare parts [AC/56]

Working group on aircraft spare parts [AC/85]
=> Sub-Groups II & IV

Working group on the conversion of drawings [AC/28]

Working group on the conversion of specifications and dimensions of drawings for US aircraft [AC/82]

Group of experts on the interchangeability of vehicle components [AC/55]

Exploratory Working Group on conventional Ammunition problems [AC/153]

Ad Hoc group on the bringing into service of the NATO 7.62 mn round & of small arms built to fire it [AC/156]

Ad Hoc Mixed Working Group on Battle tank [AC/174]

Ad hoc mixed Working Group on a self propelled 105 mn Gun [AC/175]

Ad Hoc mixed Working Group on an armoured personnel carrier [AC/176]

Exploratory Working Group on 20 mn Weapons and their ammunition [AC/207]

Group of Experts on a post-1970 family of small arms [AC/239]

Group of Experts on Multi-fuel Engines [AC/242]

Ad Hoc mixed Working Group on protection against NBC Warfare [AC/196]

Ad hoc mixed Working Group on a solid rocket propellant [AC/193]

Group of Experts on Meteorological measuring techniques & equipment [AC/252]

Group of Experts on materials & manufacturing techniques for weapons & ammunitions [AC/222]

Group of Experts on Field Power Units [AC/140]

Group of Experts on Optical instruments [AC/160]

Ad Hoc Mixed Working Group on land mine warfare [AC/177]

Exploratory Group on bridging and gap crossing [AC/254]


Naval electronic equipment [AC/62]
=> Groups I & II

Ground electronic equipment [AC/63]
=> Groups I, II & III

Air defence electronic equipment [AC/64]
=> Groups I, II, III, IV, V

Group of experts on electronics in guided missiles and proximity fuse [AC/65]

Group of experts on electronic test equipment [AC/66]
=> Groups: II, III & IV

Group of experts on electronic components, valves/tubes and spare parts [ AC/67]
=> Groups I, II, III,& IV
=> Special Working Groups 1 to 8 [AC/67(SWG/1)] to AC/67(SWG/8)]

Ad Hoc Group on the reorganisation of the groups of experts on Electronic equipment --> Electronic Liaison Group [AC/118]

Group of experts on radar and electronic system of fire control [AC/128]

Group of experts on electronic navigational aids [AC/129]

Group of experts on telecommunication equipment [AC/130]
=> Special Working Groups I and II

Ad Hoc mixed Working Group on telecommunications equipment [AC/220]

Exploratory Group on data transmission and processing [AC/238]

Ad Hoc Group on Infra-red equipment [AC/162]

Ad Hoc mixed Working Group on Infra-red sensors [AC/185]

Group of Experts on near Infra-red equipment [AC/187]

Group of Experts on far Infrared [AC/194]

Ad Hoc Group on Electronic Equipment for Air Defence [AC/149]

Ad Hoc mixed Working Group on Battlefield Surveillance System [AC/183]

Ad Hoc mixed Working Group on Mortar-spotting radar [AC/178]

Ad Hoc mixed Working Group on field army artillery computers [AC/205]

Ad Hoc mixed Working Group on Identification of Aircraft [AC/218]

Exploratory Working Group on electrical power sources of low detectability [AC/221]

Group of Experts on Electrical Power Sources [AC/241)

Aircraft Production

Working Group on Aircraft Production Planning [AC/16]
(April 1952)

Working Group on financing of additional Aircraft Production [AC/20 ]
(May-June 1952)

International Staff Team on additional Aircraft Production [AC/22]
(June 1952)

Advisory Committee on NATO Light Weight Tactical Strike Fighter [LWF] (1956-1958)

Group of Experts on Maritime Patrol Aircraft [AC/126]

Ad Hoc Group on the multilateral financing of the NATO maritime patrol aircraft R & D phase [AC/152]

Ad Hoc mixed Working Group on V/STOL strike reconnaissance aircraft [AC/169]

V/STOL medium range transport aircraft Ad Hoc mixed Working Group [AC/170]

Group of Experts on Helicopters [AC/240]

Naval Production

Ad Hoc mixed Working Group on a long-range shipborne anti-submarine warfare weapon system [AC/181]

Ad Hoc mixed Working Group on data handling equipment for small ships [AC/182]

Ad Hoc Group on co-ordinated production in Europe of US Torpedo MK 44 [AC/150]

Group of Experts on the production of the US Torpedo MARK 44 [AC/167]

Ad Hoc mixed Working Group on a close range Ship/Air missile for small ships [AC/179]

Ad Hoc mixed Working Group on a medium-range Ship/Air missile for small ships [AC/180]

Ad Hoc mixed Working Group on shore launched mines for rapid mining of coastal waters [AC/197]

Ad Hoc mixed Working Group on recoverable exercise ground mine [AC/236]

Ad Hoc mixed Working Group on the Identification of Submarine [AC/235]


NATO HAWK Working Group [AC/139]

Board of Directors of the HAWK Production system [AC/148]

Study Group on the defence against very low-flying aircraft [AC/163]

Ad Hoc mixed Working Group on a low altitude Surface/Air weapons system [AC/189]

Ad Hoc Working Group on REDEYE missile [AC/188]

Ad Hoc mixed Working Group on a tactical medium range surface/surface ballistic missile [AC/171]

Ad Hoc mixed Working Group on anti-tank defence [AC/172]

Ad Hoc Working Group on the M.72 Light Anti-Tank Weapon [AC/206]

NATO Steering Committee on the production of M.72 Light anti-tank weapon [AC/230]

NATO SIDEWINDER Working Group [AC/145]

NATO SIDEWINDER Programme Directing Group [AC/157]

Ad Hoc mixed Working Group on air/air missile [AC/173]

Working Group on tactical short-range air-to-ground guided missile [AC/164]

Ad Hoc mixed Working Group on advanced tactical Air/Surface weapons system [AC/190]

Ad Hoc Working Group on AS.30 Missile [AC/191]

NATO Steering Committee on the production of the AS.30 missile [AC/215]

Ad Hoc Working Group on the BULLPUP missile [AC/192]

Industrial Property

Working party on the protection of proprietary technical information [AC/94]


Panel on the Codification of equipment [AC/135]

WG on general policy & organisation governing the NATO codification of equipment [AC/161] (1960)

Working Group on general policy and organisation governing the NATO codification of equipment [AC/161]

Logistics / NPLOs

Working group on the control, operation and maintenance of NATO Pol system [AC/76]

Ad Hoc working group on Pipelines [AC/111]
(July-November 1956)

NATO Pipeline Committee [AC/112]

Central Europe Pipeline Policy Committee [AC/120]

Working Group on Logistics in peace and war [AC/198]

Ad Hoc Group on integration of logistic support for advanced weapons in peace and war [AC/229]


Ad Hoc Group on the supply of spare parts in Europe [AC/136]
(January-February 1958)

Board of Directors of the NATO Maintenance Supply Service System [ AC/138]
=> Special study group on finance: [AC/138(SSG)]

Relationship with AGARD

Joint working group on the activities of AGARD with NATO civilian agencies [AC/133]

WG on logistic in Peace & war [AC/198]

Exchange of Scientific & Technical information

Ad Hoc mixed Working Group on the exchange of scientific & technical information [AC/223]

Civil Emergency Planning (1950-1965)

The term Civil Emergency Planning (CEP) is used to denote the plans and preparations that must be made by governments in time of peace in order to ensure that the Home fronts will stand the strain of war.
When NATO moved to Paris in 1952, only two aspects of CEP were already being studied: Mobilisation and control of merchant shipping (PBOS) and wartime civil and military petroleum requirements (AC/12).
Before the end of 1952, nine new planning committees had been set up and it became apparent that with so many Boards and Committees arrangements were to be made to give uniform guidance, co-ordinate their work and review their progress. Accordlingly, the Senior Civil Emergency Planning Committee (AC/98) was established in 1955.
[ca. 7000 records have been produced by the various planning Boards and Committees]

Main Committees:

Working Group to Examine the Us Proposal for the Reorganisation of Civil Emergency Planning Structure [AC/95]
(1955) [9 records]

Senior Civil Emergency Planning Committee (SCEPC) [AC/98]
[ca.172 records]

Ad Hoc Working Group on the reappraisal of CEP [AC/98] (RWG)
[ca.7 records]


Civil Emergency Planning Yearly Review Sub-Committee [AC/134]
[ca.420 records] + sub-groups


Working Group on long term Civil Emergency Planning [AC/199]
[1 record]

Main Subordinate Groups


Planning Board For Ocean Shipping [PBOS]
(1950-1965-->) [ca.570 records]

Planning Board for European Inland Surface Transport (PBEIST) [AC/15]
(1952-1965) [ca. 1670 records for all sub-groups]
=> Many Subordinate Groups
=> ........

Working Group to prepare the Terms of Reference of a NATO Civil Aviation Planning Committee [AC/99]
(1956) [7 records]

Civil Aviation Planning Committee (CAPC) [AC/107]
(1956-1965-->) [ca. 515 records]

Wartime Commodities

Petroleum Planning Committee (PPC) [AC/12]
(1952-1965-->) [ca.680 records]
=> Working group of PPC [AC/12(PC)]
=> PPC Team of Pipeline & Storage experts [AC/12(PS)]

Committee on Wartime Commodities [AC/25]
(1952-1955) [ca. 620 records for all AC/25 series up to 1958]

Food & Agriculture Planning Committee [AC/25(FA)]
=> Working Group on Fertilisers [AC/25(FA/F)]
=> Group of experts on Stockpiling Wheat [AC/25(FA/SW)]
=> Working group on long term food storage [AC/25(FA/WG)]
=> Working group on radioactive contamination of food and agriculture [AC/25(FA/R)] (1961-1962)

Industrial planning committee [AC/143(CS)]
(1959-1965) [215 records]

Working Group to study certain proposals relating to Raw Material Planning [AC/125]
(1956) [14 records]

Working Group to examine international coordination of Supply in wartime [AC/101]
(1956-1958) [ca. 35 records]

Civil organisation in wartime

[ca. 2200 records for all AC/23 series]

Working Group (then->) Committee on Civil Organisation in time of War [AC/23]

Committee on Refugees & Evacuees [AC/23(RE)]
=> Central Europe Working Group [AC/23(RE/CE)]

Civil Defence Committee [AC/23(CD)]
=> Several Sub-Groups

Working Group on refugees [AC/23(CD/RE)]
Scientific Working Party[AC/23(CD/SC)]

Medical Committee [AC/23(MC)]

Labour Mobility

[ca.370 records]

Manpower Planning Committee [AC/36]

Expert working group on Manpower (then->) Manpower Planning Committee [AC/36(M)]


WG on Wartime Communications Requirements [AC/109]
(1956) [4 records]

Civil Communications Planning Committee (CCPC) [AC/121]
(1957-1965-->) [ca. 310 records] => Several Sub-Groups

Governmental relocation in wartime

Working group on problem of Governmental Relocation in Wartime [AC/122]
(1957-1958) [ca.15 records]

Scientific Cooperation (1957-1965)

Working Group to consider further action by NATO in the field of Scientific and technical co-operation [AC/123] [3 records]
(February-March 1957)

Task Force on action by NATO in the field of Scientific and Technical Co-operation [AC/132]
(June-October 1957) [3 records]

Science Committee [AC/137]
(1958 - 1965-->)
[ca. 385 records]
=> Working group on Fellowships [AC/137(S)]
=> Defence Research Directors Committee [AC/137(DR)]
=> Ad Hoc Working party on Western Science Foundation [AC/137(WF)]
=> Working Group on Fellowships [AC/137(S)]
=> Ad Hoc Working Party.
=> Advisory Panel on NATO Science Research Grants [AC/137(RG)]
(after 1961 documents bear the reference AC/137)
=> Advisory Panel on the Advanced Study Institute Programme
=> NATO Science Fellowships Administrators
=> Advisory Panel on the NATO Lectureship Programme
=> Sub-committee on Oceanographic Research (1959)
=> Advisory Group on Human Factors (1959)
=> Ad Hoc Advisory Group on meteorology (1959)
=> Advisory Panel on operational Research (1960-1965)
=> Advisory Group on Space Research [AC/137(SR)] (1960)
=> Ad Hoc Working Group on the application of quantum electronics [AC/227] (1963) The Working group carried on with its activities but the reference AC/227 was discontinued.
=> Ad hoc Working Group on the Training Centre for Experimental Aerodynamics in Brussels (TCEA) [AC/147] (1959) [ca. 13 records]
=> Ad Hoc Working Group on the financing of the Training Centre for Experimental Aerodynamics (TCEA) [AC/168] (1960 - 1965) [24 records]
=> Study Group on the Von Karman Institute [AC/137(VKI)] (1965) (in 1963 the TCEA was renamed the Von Karman Institute)
=> Defence Research Directors [AC/137(DR)/AC/74(DR)] (1958-1964) [31 records]
=> Committee of Defence Research Directors [AC/243] (1964-1966)[61 records]
(in 1966 this committee was disbanded and was replaced by the "Defence Research Group" under the authority of the Conference of National Armaments Group (CNAD) - see Defence Support. This new group kept the reference AC/243)

European Air Space Coordination (1955-1965)

Working Group on European Air Space Utilisation [AC/91]
(March 1955) [5 records]

Committee on European Air Space Coordination (CEAC) [AC/92]
[ca. 405 records]

Sub Committee No1 [AC/92(SC1)]
(1960-1963) [ca. 97 records]

replaced by:

Technical Sub Committee [AC/92(TSC)]
(1964-->) [ca. 18 records]

After 1964, records issued under AC/92 reference

Security (1952-1958)

Main Groups

NATO Security Committee [AC/35]
[ca. 370 records]

NATO Special Committee [AC/46] (Withheld)
(1953-1958-->) [ca. 500 records]

Ad Hoc Groups

Working Group on the revised Security System [AC/6]
(June 1951-July 1952) [ca. 35 records]

Working Group on the Employment of Firms and Companies involving Security [AC/13]
(1952) [2 records]

Working Group on Co-operation against Subversive Activities [AC/32] (Withheld)
(October-November 1952) [3 records]

Working Group on the handling of military shipment in international trade statistics [AC/81]
(1954-1956) [ca. 20 records]

Working group on security arrangements in connection with the Paris Steering Group on the results of the London Conference [AC/84]
(October 1954) [1 record]

Working Group on proposed agreement for cooperation regarding atomic information [AC/88]
(1954-1955) [12 records]

-> (Agreement never implemented)

Infrastructure (1951-1965)

Main Committees

Infrastructure Committee [AC/4]
[ca. 1700 records]

Infrastructure Payment and Progress Committee [AC/4(PP)]
[ca. 3300 documents]

Ad Hoc Groups

Working Group on definition of common infrastructure [AC/29]
(September 1952-May 1953) [12 records]

Special Committee of Ministers on Infrastructure [AC/38]
(December 1952) [1 record]

Ad Hoc Committee on the Forward Scatter System [AC/104]
(March-July 1956) [ca. 30 records]

Infrastructure Special Committee [ISC]
(1956) [ca. 105 records]

Ad Hoc Working Group on Non- NATO Infrastructure projects [NNIP]
(1956) [8 records]

Documents of the Infrastructure Secretariat [INFRASEC]
[ca. 3800 records]

Working Group of National Communications Experts [AC/4(WG)18]
( ) [ca. 50 records]

Ad Hoc Group of Experts to Study the Technical Features of War Headquarters [AC/158]
(1959-1966) [ca. 80 records]

Infrastructure Ground Environment sub-Committee (IGESUCO) [AC/203]
(1961-1965) [Ca. 120 records]

Ad Hoc group on the proposed organisation for the implementation of the NATO Air Defence Ground Environment (NADGE) [AC/247]
(1964-1965) [16 records]

Special Working Group on NATO Communications Security Policy [AC/232]
(1963-1964) [13 records]

High-Level Working Group to review Military Communications Requirements [AC/251]
(1965-1966) [27 records]

Administration and Budgets (1951-1965)


Civil Budget Committee [BC]
[ca. 970 records]

Military Budget Committee [MBC]
[ca. 6340 records]


Working Party on International Audit of Infrastructure accounts [AC/47]
(1953) [ 2 records]

Working Group on the Report of the Board of Auditors [AC/48]
(1953) [1 record]

The International Board of Auditors on Infrastructure Accounts [AC/50]
(1953) [3 records]

Working group on the scope of work for the international Board of Auditors for Infrastructure Accounts [AC/68]
(1953) [1 record]

Working group on the Audit System in NATO [AC/103]
(1956) [ca. 20 records]

Working group on the reorganisation of the Audit System in NATO [AC/166]
(1960-1965) [ca. 16 records]
Co-ordination group on the reorganisation of the Audit System in NATO [AC/204]
(1961-1965) [ca. 23 records]

Financial Procedures

Working Group on Coordination of NATO financial procedures [AC/49]
(1953-1955) [13 records]

Working Group on Rules and procedures for implementation of NATO financial regulations [AC/102]
(1956-1957) [16 records]

Ad Hoc Working Group on Rental for Tails [AC/144]
(1958-1959) [10 records]

Ad Hoc Group on Reserved Circuits [AC/233]
( 1964) [11 records]

Special Working group on financing and Imputation of Common Military Expenditures [AC/245]
(1964-1965) [16 records]

Cost sharing & Financing Common

Working Group on the Sharing of the Costs of Saclant Hqs [AC/11]
(October 1951-June 1952) [14 records]

Ad Hoc Committee on budget cost sharing formula [AC/70]
(1954-1955) [ca. 25 records]

Ad Hoc Working Group on Communications [AC/115]
(1956-1957) [ca. 25 records]

Working group on the imputation of certain types of NATO common expenditures [AC/131]
(1957-1958) [ca. 20 records]

Taxes and Staff Benefits

Working group on Taxation of certain international employees [AC/30]
(1957) [14 records]

Working group on the Provident Fund [AC/69]
(1957) [1 record]

Headquarters and Personnel

Headquarters Administration & Security Committee [AC/184]
(1960-1965) [62 records]
[this is a merger of AC/75 & AC/154]

High Level Working Group on Complaints & Appeals Procedures [AC/249]
(1964) [15 records]

Working group to examine the question of a Permanent Headquarters for NATO [AC/18]
(1952) [5 records]

Working group on new NATO Headquarters [AC/51]
(1953) [1 record]

Committee on NATO Permanent Headquarters [AC/75]
(1954-1957) [ca. 130 records]

Questionnaires and Reports

Working group on coordination and standardisation of questionnaires and reports [AC/45]
(1953) [6 records]

Annual and Quarterly Reports on Defence expenditures [STAT]
(1951-1958] [ca. 110 records for STAT including DR series]

Statistical Reports on:

=> Defence Expenditures , 1952-1957 [DR/1]
=> Defence Production & Procurement programmes, 1952-1953 [DR/2]
=> Forces, 1952 [DR/3]
=> NATO Common Infrastructure [DR/4]

NATO Agencies, Production & Logistic Organisations
[ see also NPLO in Defence Production]

Ad Hoc Working Group on the Status of the NATO Agencies [AC/195]
(1960-1962) [ca. 30 records]

Ad Hoc Working Group on the Revision of NPLO Charters [AC/211]
(1962-1966) [ca.70 records]

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