Want to know what the world is saying? On each city page above you will find print, television and radio news coverage and interviews from the Secretary General’s visits to four cities in the United States: Washington, Atlanta, Austin and Chicago


Each city page contains a chart offering downloadable, rights-free hi-res photos, video, text and audio content from the public events taking place in that area. The content will be updated throughout the tour.

Strategic Concept MeetingRights-free B-Roll footage from both the tour and general NATO footage is available upon request for download by members of the press/media and academia: please email content@natochannel.tv. NATO’s rights-free general photos and back catalogues are available here.

The NATO Press & Media unit responds to international and national press and media enquiries regarding the the Alliance – to contact them, click here. Local city media should contact our US press representatives. Press releases are available on the NATO website. To receive them via email, subscribe here.

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