NATO Bodies

Country      Location     NATO
NATO Body Abbreviation Website address
Afghanistan Kabul International Security Assistance Force ISAF
Belgium Brussels International Staff of NATO IS
Belgium Brussels International Military Staff IMS
Belgium Shape, Mons NATO Communications and Information Agency NCIA
Belgium Brussels NATO Standardization Agency NSA
Belgium Glons NATO Programming Centre NPC
Belgium Shape, Mons Allied Command Operations ACO
Belgium Brussels NATO Communications and Information Agency NCIA
France Versailles (CEPS) NATO Support and Procurement Agency NSPA
France Aix-en-Provence NATO Helicopter Design & Development PLO Agency NAHEMA  
France Neuilly-sur-Seine Collaboration Support Office CSO
Germany Heidelberg Allied Force Command Heidelberg HQ FC Heidelberg
Germany Munich NATO EF2000 and Tornado Dev. Production and Logistics Management Agency NETMA
Germany Geilenkirchen NATO Airborne Early Warning & Control Force E-3A Component E-3A Component
Germany Ramstein Headquarters Allied Air Command HQ AIRCOM
Germany Oberammergau NATO School NATO School
Hungary Pápa (NAM) NATO Support and Procurement Agency NSPA
Italy Rome NATO Defence College NDC
Italy Naples Allied Joint Force Command Naples JFC HQ
Italy La Spezia NATO Undersea Research Centre NURC
Kosovo Pristina Kosovo Force KFOR
Luxembourg Capellen NATO Support and Procurement Agency NSPA
Norway Stavanger Joint Warfare Centre JWC
Portugal Oeiras Allied Joint Command Lisbon JCLIS
Spain Madrid Allied Land Component Command CC-Land HQ
The Netherlands Brunssum NATO AEW&C Programme Management Agency NAPMA
The Netherlands The Hague NATO Communications and Information Agency NCIA
The Netherlands Brunssum Allied Joint Force Command Brunssum JFCBS
Turkey Izmir Allied Air Component Command CC-Air HQ  
United Kingdom Northwood Allied Maritime Command CC-Mar HQ
United States Huntsville NATO Medium Extended Air Defence System Management Agency NAMEADSMA
United States Norfolk Supreme Allied Command Transformation SACT